Saturday, 31 October 2015

Lucky Dog


IMG_0226We had been told that Berkhamsted was very busy and there was a shortage of moorings ,so we decided to have an early start from Cowroast and pulled pins at 08.15 which was a bit too early for Curly as she nearly falls asleep on Cowroast lock.

IMG_0250At Dudswell lock no 48 we came across the tamest Heron we have ever seen . He/She just patrolled up and down the lock as we locked our way down.

IMG_0264This has to be the luckiest dog in Berkhamsted. As we arrived on the town moorings where there was plenty of room we could hear people shouting from the Towpath over the canal to the people on the other side of the canal in the park . It turns out that this dog was chasing Ducks and fell in, unbeknown to its owners it couldn't get out of the canal due to the steep side. With the dogs head starting to go under after franticly trying to get out the owner just managed to grab it and pull it out.

IMG_0304Our good deed for the day .While out walking Hamish we could see this boat in the distance drifting out into the middle of the canal .We thought that the two men were with the boat as it happened while they were stood next to it. It was only as we got closer that we could see the two men were in fact Anglers and the boat had come adrift. I climbed on the back of the boat and walked along the side to get the centre rope so we could get it back in . As we struggled to pull the boat back in and moor it the Anglers did absolutely nothing to help… To think I always slow down to tick over and keep to the centre of the canal when passing an Angler so as not to spoil his fishing .Don't know why I bother.

It looks like we are going to spend a bit of time here in Berko . There is a park opposite our mooring and a swimming pool and sports centre in the town, So Curly is more than happy to stay here. Oh and did I mention the shops…….

                                                                                                                     Happy Days


  1. thought that heron was a statue. Abbie looked as if she was looking into space.nice pictures x

  2. Berko is a lovely town. Woods Gift and Garden Centre is an absolute treasure. Be sure to take Curly there. There is a lovely gift and treasure shop inside up front, just through the doorway opposite the front counter. But a lot of folks don't know that that there are all sorts of interesting items spread out in the back with the gardening supplies and in the very back left corner is a wonderful area of old fashioned children's toys for all ages and price ranges. You know the kind i mean? they don't require batteries--only imagination! ASK Italian restaurant has delicious food at reasonable prices and one can get some of their things as take aways. the Tring library is pretty good as well. Hertfordshire stretches from Tring to Rickmansworth. One can check out a book at Tring and return it at Berko, Hemel, or even Rickmansworth. We don't usually shop at Waitrose because the prices are more than we generally can afford however the Tesco in Berko is pointless. Waitrose is competing with it and their prices are equal on a lot of stuff to the Tesco express there. The Markets in Berko are wonderful! Enjoy!!

    1. Thanks for that Jaq . She did enjoy it in Woods , you don't get many shops like that anymore. Curly ended getting a book with her money. We both like Berko as they call it , although as you say it is an expensive place and not just the supermarkets . I suppose being in the commuter belt to London. Carolyn and Curly have been enjoying the swimming pool and parks. We have to make the most of her company as before you know it the hols are over and she is on her way home...all the best Gary and Carolyn