Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Asset stripping


IMG_0186With Curly (number one Granddaughter) arriving from Devon for the half term break we are soon on the move again and make our way towards Cowroast. Although its only a couple of Months since I have seen her she seems to have grown up an awful lot. Anyway with a windlass in her hand at least she is becoming much more useful at lock wheeling and is certainly starting to earn her passage.

IMG_0188Passing Bulbourne workshops at the top of the Marsworth flight . I was told by a fellow boater that Canal and River Trust want to sell off the whole site including the place that makes the ornate Ironworks. Lets just hope its not true as they have only recently sold off the yard at Marsworth Wharf for luxury unaffordable housing. Unless you call £515,000 for the cheapest one affordable.

IMG_0189A lovely old pair of working boats on the water point at Bulbourne

IMG_0192Our mooring for the night at Cowroast.

IMG_0223I managed to get this picture at 30x magnification of a jet liner heading off to the Sun. I then got a load of stick from Carolyn saying that we should be on it and not stuck here with Winter approaching. Perhaps we should do what Marilyn and David do on nb Waka Huia and spend the Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. (Better not mention that to Carolyn or it will put ideas in her head) .

                                                                                              Happy Days