Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Pimm’s o’clock


IMG_5708We pulled pins from Fenny Stratford at 09.45. A bit late but as Carolyn keeps reminding me we are now slowing down for Winter.Its good to see as we travel around the canal system that a lot of the old signs are still retained.

IMG_5710The lock at Fenny with the bridge in the middle of it. We were told by one of the local boaters that a few weeks ago a group of drunken Leeds United supporters stopped off at The Red Lion on their way to the game against MK Dons who's ground is just up the road, they then got totally pie-eyed and started jumping up and down on the bridge while singing and shouting. The result being that the bridge came off its centre bearing and was left with one side touching the water. The bridge was then out of action for a short time until it could be put back in place.. PS   Leeds won the game  2-1…

IMG_5715We passed this boat on our cruise today and guess what ?, Its always Pimm’s o’clock if you live on a Narrowboat

IMG_5719We then past this boat . Its a Springer built boat which had a wooden top.

IMG_5724Such a shame. Its never good to see a boat looking like this.Luckily there was nobody on-board at the time of the fire .That reminds me to check our smoke alarms. On Inca we have 2 smoke alarms ,3 fire extinguishers ,a fire blanket and 2 Carbon monoxide alarms.So hopefully we should be safe enough.

IMG_5729Only a short cruise today and we reach another one of our favourite moorings in this area. We are just below Stoke Hammond lock.Although there is a bit of road noise its peaceful enough and we will have a day or two here before moving on again

                                                                                            Happy Days


  1. If you want a treat, Gary and Carolyn, moor up at Soulbury and walk into the village - have lunch at The Boot. One of our favourite pubs and the village is lovely!
    Cheers, Mx

    1. Hi Marilyn , just passed through there in desperation to get to Leighton Buzzard to pick up the new camera.. Maybe on the way back through ... Ps enjoy the Summer !!!

  2. Makes you wonder how 27500 Rugby fans came and went with no trouble of any sort?

    1. I'm not sure why they have to act in such a way . I don't think some of them are true fans and are just out to cause trouble .