Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Summer cruise stats



We have now completed our third Summer cruising aboard Narrowboat Inca and this one has been just as good as the previous two. We left Wigrams turn in April and cruised down to Bath with friends Keith and Ann on nb Oakfield. After our Calorifier decided to leak we had to leave them in Bath and head back up the Kennet and Avon canal to get it fixed. This summer we have travelled on the following Canals and Rivers.

South Oxford canal , River Thames (Reading to Lechlade) , Kennet and Avon canal , Grand union canal , Stratford upon Avon canal , River Avon , River Severn , Droitwich canal , Worcester & Birmingham canal , Birmingham and Fazeley canal , Coventry canal , Trent and Mersey canal , River Trent , Erewash canal . River Soar , Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal , Shropshire union canal , Llangollen canal , and The North Oxford canal… I think that’s all of them.

From mid April to now we have travelled 969 miles and done 783 locks of which Carolyn has operated most of them.

We have now been aboard Inca for nearly two and a half years and our total distance travelled in that time has been 2967 miles and we have done 2093 locks. I have consumed ?? bottles of the red stuff and I have now stopped counting how many toilet cassettes I have emptied.The engine since we started out has now run for 2610 hours. There has been a total of 406 blog posts since the purchase of Inca in 2013.


Not to forget the third member of Inca’s crew and that’s Number one Granddaughter Curly (Abbie) who spends a lot of the school holidays aboard with us.

I have now been told by Carolyn that we have to slow down a bit for the Winter, although that will probably be governed by the winter stoppages for repairs to the system.

We are now making plans and getting excited for our cruise next year and lets just hope its as good as our previous adventures aboard Narrowboat Inca…

                                                                                                   Happy Days


  1. Nice that you keep a record of all the places that you go to. Love the picture of Abbie with her beautiful smile.x

    1. Curly is such a star and we are so proud of her !!!!

  2. You certainly whiz about a bit Gary, good informative blog here.
    Although we keep a written record of where we have been I have no idea of mileage/ locks/ tunnels etc that we have done.
    I think you should measure the 'red stuff' in gallons rather than bottles, shouldn't you?
    nb oakfield

    1. Hi Oakfield.. I work it out on canal route planner, every month or so I type in where we have been and keep a record that way. Carolyn said the wine should be measured in barrels. Have you seen any nice standing trees lately ??

    2. I think it is churlish of Keith, Ann and Carolyn to expect you to count wine consumption in large measures, Gary - you are doing your very best to keep the wine economy moving and should be commended for that! After all, you do the same for the diesel market, and they don't complain about that, do they? And vineyards have a much better reputation than oil companies, after all! Bah humbug to KAC, I say!! Next thing, they'll be expecting me to count bottles of chardonnay ... Cheers, Marilyn

    3. Hi Marilyn , Totally agree with everything you said.....Now awaiting the wrath of KA and C .. Oops !!!