Sunday, 25 October 2015

Soaring over the Chilterns


IMG_0022After picking up my new camera we had a walk around Leighton Buzzard. Its a medium sized town and has just about everything you could possibly need. There's even a Spoons for the crew of nb Oakfield.

IMG_0023We have used this butchers before and they sell lovely big fat pork chops..I know its no good for me but they are delicious and its just the ticket with a bottle glass of the red stuff.

IMG_0030I'm not sure about this for a boat name.

IMG_0038We pulled pins at 0915 and after going through this load of leaves I had to put Inca in to reverse to clear them away from the propeller.

IMG_0049Ideal for the al fresco lifestyle on a boat..

IMG_0050Unusual looking Tables and benches full of rocks at The Grove lock pub near Leighton Buzzard. I guess they would be difficult to steal or chuck in the canal.

IMG_0078The whipsnade zoo Lion is only just visible and could do with a bit of a whitening.

IMG_0106That's a different photo.

IMG_0094Carolyn on the tiller as believe it or not I do a few locks just for a change ,but mainly to try and work off that lovely pork chop I had last night.

IMG_0103Not a brilliant picture but there is nothing better than seeing a Red Kite soaring over The Chiltern Hills.

We picked up a mooring after pitstone wharf and just before The bottom Marsworth lock. We have nearly 30 megs of Internet and good TV so this will do us for tonight. With Granddaughter Curly (Abbie) coming up for the half term we will get up to Marsworth where it will be easy to pick her up. Then the peace will be shattered and I will be demoted from first mate to chief deck scrubber.

                                                                                          Happy Days

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