Monday, 29 May 2017

Out and about in Liverpool



IMG_3726Out and about in Liverpool and there are bikes to hire just like The Boris bikes in London . If Carolyn thinks she is going to get me on one of those she can dream on.

IMG_3739After a walk along the Pier we decided to visit the Museum which we had passed under when we entered Liverpool .At Pier head there is the Liverpool Museum which shows all of the history of Liverpool . Above is a picture of Lion which is one of the oldest surviving railway locomotives in the World. Built by Todd Kitson and Laird of Leeds in 1938, it ran on the Liverpool and Manchester railway. It didn’t last long and was taken out of service in 1857. Lion was then sold to the Mersey docks where she became a stationary pumping engine . In 1927 Lion was rescued and restored and now takes pride of place in the museum.

IMG_3742The Museum of Liverpool, is the newest addition to the National Museums Liverpool group having opened in 2011 replacing the former Museum of Liverpool Life. National Museums Liverpool intention is for the new venue to tell the story of Liverpool and its people, and reflect the city’s global significance. The museum is housed in a new purpose-built building on the Mann Island site at the Pier Head.It cost £72 million to build and provides 8,000 square metres of exhibition space, housing more than 6,000 objects and best of all it’s free and well worth a visit.

IMG_3751This sculpture is called Wish you were here. It captures the cheeky spirit of the seaside in the 1950s , well that’ what it said.

IMG_3747The three Graces from a window on the top floor of Liverpool Museum.

IMG_3745Can someone please explain this machine to me . You put a pound coin in one slot and a one pence coin in the other . The machine takes your money and you then turn the handle . It then returns your one pence piece which it has flattened and keeps your pound… What the point ? . If I want to flatten my one pence coin I would hit with a bloody great hammer and be a pound better off……

IMG_3732The Isle of man ferry leaving the dock.

IMG_3728 So there are 5 Beatles . I never knew that they were so tall.

IMG_3759You just can’t get away from The Beatles and here is another picture of them made out of Jelly Beans.

IMG_3767You just have to have a Yellow submarine in Liverpool .

IMG_3770And a sinking Titanic . We are so loving this city , what an absolute delight . With so much to see and do I don’t think we will get a lot of chill time . Never mind there’s plenty of time for that later ..Carpe Diem !

                                                                                                                     Happy Days

Saturday, 27 May 2017



IMG_3624After a couple of nights at Litherland we pulled pins at 09.30 and with Narrrowboat Copper Dragon we made our way towards the top lock at Stanley Locks. It was about an hours cruise so after arriving we had a bit of a wait for Canal and River Trust staff to come and lock us down the flight of 4 locks at 13.00.

IMG_3630At last it was time and we started dropping down the locks on our journey in to Liverpool . I think we both might be just a little excited.

IMG_3641At the bottom of the four locks we get instructions from Canal and River Trust in how to get to the next lock safely. Luckily for us Allan and Sandra have done this trip before so we decided to follow them.

IMG_3639We are now ready to drop down the last lock before entering Stanley Dock.

IMG_3650Here we go ! We have to head towards the clock tower and then hang a left towards all the tall buildings.

IMG_3651The view from behind and where we have just come from  The impressive building on the right was the old Tobacco Warehouse which is now being converted into 476 apartments accompanied by businesses, cafes and retail outlets on the ground floor.

The Stanley Dock Warehouse is a grade II listed building and is the world's largest brick warehouse. It is adjacent to the Stanley Dock, in Liverpool, Standing 125 feet high, the building was, at the time of its construction in 1901, claimed to be the world's largest building in terms of area.The 14 storey building spans across 36 acres and its construction used 27 million bricks, 30,000 panes of glass and 8,000 tons of steel.

IMG_3653There’s the tall buildings . It’s also handy that we have NB Copper Dragon to follow.

IMG_3656Through Sid’s ditch.

IMG_3667We reached Princes lock which is right in front of The Liver Building with no problems and were told to enter and wait for the CRT staff to come and lock us down

IMG_3671We now have a few short tunnels to go through before reaching the final lock which will drop us down in to Canning Dock.

IMG_3675Passing the Three Graces (buildings) as we head in to Liverpool. The buildings are The Royal Liver Building , The Cunard Building and The Port of Liverpool Building.

IMG_3683Then under the Museum of Liverpool to Canning lock which is on the other side.

IMG_3710Nearly there as we head through Albert dock and then in to Salthouse Dock and then onto S8 which is our pontoon.

IMG_3715After a great trip in we chilled out on the pontoon with travelling companions Allan and Sandra. We had a bottle or three of red wine and some Prosseco for the ladies.

Now are Liverpool adventure begins . We have a done a bit of research and can’t see how we will fit everything in for the time we are spending here. Then I suppose if we really like it we could always come back again .

                                                                                                             Happy Days

Friday, 26 May 2017

Boat names


A few more funny and odd boat names for your perusal .
































                                                                                                                    Happy Days

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Bandit country (again)


IMG_3565We pulled pins from our mooring at Parbold at 06.25, yes I know it was early but a fantastic day of weather was forecast so not being one’s to waste the day we thought we would make the most of it. The plan today is to try and get to bridge 9 on The Leeds and Liverpool canal by 14.00 which is the time that the swing bridge is operated by Canal and River Trust staff . They then drive ahead and also operate swingbridge number 6 it’s then a 1 hour cruise in to Litherland which it seems is a safe place to moor. We have been told that it is bandit country and not safe to stop anywhere all the way in and if you are going to moor before bridge 9 the safest place is back at bridge 10.

We stopped off for water on the way at the rufford  junction which is where we will be heading when we come out of Liverpool as we have booked The Ribble link to take us up onto The Lancaster canal.

IMG_3569An early morning miserable Angler . I don’t know what more us boaters can do to make them happy . I slow down to tick over and keep in the middle of the canal . Yet as we pass there is no eye contact or a hello or anything. Carolyn still always makes a point of saying hello to every single one of them , it’s funny sometimes to see their response.    Come on Anglers give us a smile and a wave.

IMG_3571After a good cruise and plenty of swing bridges but no locks we arrived at Swing bridge 9 . We arrived at 13.30 so had half an hour to spare which was pretty good going.

IMG_3575As CRT staff operate the bridge we are told not to stop and keep going and they would be at bridge 6 to meet us . This is a very busy road and one of the reasons they operate it for you is in case an emergency vehicle wants to pass over .

IMG_3578This is one place I’ve always looked forward to passing on our boat . It is Aintree racecourse and this is the Canal turn fence. Unfortunately the view of the course from the canal is hopeless and I was a bit disappointed ,anyway at least we saw it.

IMG_3588After passing through bridge 6 it was a 1 hour cruise in to Litherland and the safe moorings . We were surprised to see Sid and his mate Paul the CRT guys standing on most of the bridges on our way in and asking if we were OK . It turned out that a couple of days before a boat had been stoned from one of the bridges by the local Scroates and as we were the only boat going in they were concerned for our safety.

IMG_3599We eventually arrived at Litherland after a most enjoyable nine and a half hour cruise .We were locked in the compound which is also the CRT services and their work yard and office, There are cameras and a fence that surround the area. After mooring Sid came down to check we were OK  and said he would be back tomorrow , a great service from CRT we thought. We have a day off tomorrow so we will do a big shop in Tesco which is the building in the back ground and get ready for our trip in to Liverpool.

                                                                                                             Happy Days

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Wigan Pier


IMG_3526After being told by some not to moor at the bottom of the Wigan flight we did so and had no trouble what so ever overnight and would recommend the mooring to anyone as it is handy if you have just come down or waiting to go up the flight .

Pulling ropes through rings at 09.00 and after dropping down the bottom lock  of the Wigan flight we passed  this building which we thought was Wigan Pier as it said Wigan Pier in big letters on it.

IMG_3529In fact Wigan Pier was on the other side of the canal and this reconstruction shows where it was . You can just see one of the two rails which protrude out over the canal . I will try and get a better picture the next time we pass.

IMG_3538This lock is right opposite the DW Stadium which of course is the home of Wigan Athletic FC .

IMG_3545Another first for us on this trip was to see this Turtle , although I think it’s probably a Terrapin . We have waited over 4 years to see one and was surprised to see this one just outside of Wigan.

IMG_3561We were lucky enough to pick up this mooring in Parbold where we will spend the next day or so .We have been told it’s a good place to chill out and as we have got ahead of ourselves we have a bit of time to spare before our booking in Liverpool

IMG_3554Not long after mooring we spotted these two Canal and River Trust guys blowing up this boat next to their van. They then launched it and just went up and down for half an hour . Carolyn asked them what they were doing to which they replied “ checking boat licenses”,which I find a bit odd as that job is normally done on foot by a data checker. More like out on a jolly me thinks.

IMG_3557We were soon down to the village to stock up the cupboards from the local shops . The village has most things a passing boater needs so it’s well worth stopping here.

IMG_3552In the evening we arranged to meet up with Jack and Tina NB Sandoy at a pub called the Stocks . We had a great evening catching up and the food was very good and well worth a visit if you are this way . Thanks for a most enjoyable evening and we will try and meet up on our way back through.

                                                                                                                 Happy Days