Sunday, 1 November 2015

On top of Carolyn



I was woken up by Carolyn groaning at 03.45 with me on top of her in bed…No unfortunately its not what you think . Inca was in fact hard aground and tilting over at a bit of an angle and in my sleep I had rolled over on top of her. After getting out of bed and getting dressed it soon became apparent that the level in the canal had dropped by a good 18 inches and we were well and truly on the tilt. In the pouring rain I walked down to Berkhamsted lock to find the top gates open and the bottom gates leaking badly ,thus dropping the level of the pound. After closing the gates I then walked back up to Gas locks 51 and 52 to let water down and fill the pound. After an hour I had raised the level by about a foot. Eventually at 05.20 I got back soaking wet and eventually got back into bed. Inca was still aground but not tilting as much. Now every night when I take Hamish out for his last walk I check that the top gates of the lock are closed……You don't have fun like this living in a house !.

                                                                                                         Happy Days

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