Sunday, 4 October 2015



IMG_5424Looking back from our mooring to the bottom lock on the Buckby flight. With the M1on one side of the canal and the Railway on the other it sure is a noisy mooring.

IMG_5421It looks like the guy on the boat next to us has been doing a bit of magnet fishing. Im not sure that its worth the hassle as there is a lot of work involved to clean that lot up.

IMG_5438After a visit to the Chandlery and spending yet more money on the boat we pulled pins at 10.20. Every time we pass this old man Carolyn always says to me “look there's your identical twin”

IMG_5439He doesn't look anything like me . Mind you he looks like he enjoys a bottle or 3 of the red stuff.

IMG_5445We stopped at Weedon Bec to do a quick shop in the new small Tesco. Its only a hundred yards from the bridge where there are plenty of moorings so if you just need a few small items its very handy.

IMG_5448There's plenty of Attitude on the canals

IMG_5451When we eventually retire from living on Inca this is the house that Carolyn wants to buy. Better keep on doing the lottery then..

IMG_5460We then passed a cool looking Sharon on nb Diana. Only time for a quick talk as we passed , but we will meet up with you and Lew when you head back down this way.

IMG_5461On our mooring for the night just before Gayton junction and no noise of the M1 like last night ,but we do have the trains which are only a field away. Tomorrow we will use the services at Gayton and then on through Blisworth tunnel and down the Stoke Bruerne flight of locks. Hopefully we can then pick up our favourite mooring at Grafton Regis.

                                                                                                 Happy Days


  1. Gary, I don't think you look anything like that guy - he's got long hair for a start!
    We are now at the top of the Foxton flight in the sunshine, just had a lovely chicken curry for a late lunch and shortly out for a walk down the flight.
    Big hugs, Mxox

    1. Hi Marilyn , Love the Foxton flight as much as I love Chicken curry. We love to walk down to the bottom and have a good old Gongoozle..I always have a walk up or down the Incline hill . Wouldn't it be great if that was still working !! Be good .