Monday, 19 October 2015

Work out


IMG_5712After the disaster of losing my camera in the canal I have managed to salvage the SD memory card and get the few pictures that were on it,as for the camera that is well and truly knackered . Its a bit of a shame as I only bought it in the summer after dropping my previous pride and joy camera on the back deck and destroyed that one. I am now using a very ancient digital camera that seems more like a Box Brownie compared to the 2 I have recently broken. We reckon it will cost the equivalent of about 50 bottles of a reasonably priced wine to get a replacement (ouch!) .Guess I will be stuck with the Box Brownie for sometime. Anyway I did like the weather vane above a house in Fenny Stratford.

IMG_5689Our mooring at Fenny and its not long before Carolyn is off to hit the rather large retail park just up the road. She eventually returned 6 hours later and I even had to make my own lunch while she was gone !!.

IMG_5690What a lovely splash of colour for this time of year..OK so its a funeral directors but it looks good.

IMG_5698Not far from our mooring at Fenny is Caldecotte lake and we have a walk around it most times we stop here. Just the other side is the factory for the Red Bull formula 1race team

IMG_5701All around the lake there are exercise machines and as you can see I'm quick to jump on one.

IMG_5702After a couple of minutes I've finally had my yearly quota of exercise.

IMG_5704Carolyn is a bit more serious than me at working out and takes full advantage of the equipment.

IMG_5682There are more berries and fruit on the trees now than we can remember seeing for many years.

IMG_5545As for the Crab apples, every tree is totally loaded. Carolyn has got bags of them ready to make some Crab apple jelly.

IMG_5707After a walk around the lake and Carolyn taking full advantage of all the exercise machines we will have another day here before pulling pins and heading further South.

                                                                                     Happy Days


  1. some good pictures. Glad that you are both taking advantage of the exersize machines do you goopleased that Carolyn is still going off doing her shoppingd.

  2. Gary and Carolyn, Just back from our trip that included our 3 weeks on the canals. Sorry we missed connecting with you. This must be the year that's hard on gadgets. Like you, dropped my camera on the aft deck (at repair shop now) and an overhanging willow tree and the canal "ate" my GPS on a tight corner near Ellesmere. I want to publicly thank you for all your blogging and keeping us up to date. My three weeks on the canals showed me how difficult it can be to get a decent internet connection. If you need a supplement to keep you in Red until the Spring Thaw let me know. Best Wishes as always. Aloha, Amos and Charlene

    1. Hi Amos and Charlene , Hope you enjoyed your cruise on the Llangollen and the ring ,the Llangollen has to be one of our favourite canals.
      It's strange how it's the expensive items that get lost or damaged. I have now killed 2 cameras ,lost 2pairs of reading glasses along with a pair of sunglasses over board.Its also strange how my camera seemed to be falling in slow motion ,yet there was nothing I could do to catch it..
      I should just about make it through to the spring with the red-stuff thanks to my well stocked wine cellar deep in the bilges of Inca. wishes Gary and Carolyn