Thursday, 8 October 2015

Wheelie good



I bought a couple of these Wheelbarrow wheels earlier in the year knowing that we were going on the Shropshire union canal . The idea is that they keep you away from the bank where there could be an underwater shelf or if its a bit shallow near the bank. The difference with these wheels is that they are made from a strong plastic and the tyres are foam filled ,so no need to carry a pump or worry about it going flat or getting a puncture. So far they have performed brilliantly and absorb the shock of passing boats with no problem….Just the ticket .   

                                                                                                  Happy days


  1. I think we delivered them wheels with your granddaughter

    1. Yes you did deliver them .. They 'R' just the ticket !!!

    2. Hi G&C, They look pretty good and I think we need to find some too. By the way, re your iridescent pins - we bought some cheap tennis balls, slit them and put them over the tops of the pins - no dogs have taken them off yet! Cheers and hugs, Marilyn

    3. Hi Marilyn , The dogs might not have taken them yet , but have they Peed on them yet ?? Lol ...