Saturday, 10 October 2015

Bag for life


IMG_5577After a day/night at Cosgrove we were on our way again and stopping ay Wolverton to do a shop in Tesco.

IMG_5576This is the first time we have been shopping since the 5p carrier bag rule started. We never realised until the girl on the checkout told us that once you buy a 10p bag for life, it is for life. If the bag rips or the handles drop off you just take it back and they will give you a new one for free.That's not so bad as long as you remember to take them with you. I wonder what Mr Sainsbury will think when we shop there and get out our Tesco bags at his checkout.

IMG_5581A good looking Heron doing a bit of Fishing. Its amazing how many people who walk along the towpath call them a Stork

IMG_5593We picked up this mooring at Giffard Park and have never seen so many boats here, with 95% of them being live aboard.

IMG_5590Carolyn didn't catch any fish but she did manage to catch this Red signal Crayfish .There was no chance she was going to touch it with that big claw snapping away at her.

IMG_5601We see many different engine configurations as we travel around the system . From this massive engine on a widebeam.

IMG_5595To this outboard where the guy steers it with his foot.

IMG_5608Then this little 2hp Seagull that pushes along a 60 foot narrowboat.

We have had a couple of days at Giffard Park where we have enjoyed a couple of takeaways from the HO HO Chinese takeaway and Fish and Chip shop.In one half of the shop there is the Chinese takeaway counter and then in the other half is a Fish and Chip counter. Not the best we have ever had but it was ok and it makes a change to have something different.

                                                                                                 Happy Days

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