Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Love it or hate it !


IMG_5529Although the towpath around Grafton Regis is reasonable quiet there has been a  lot of boats passing. As usual we had a wave from Richard and Jules on their coal boats as they passed . As you can see they have a very long tow rope between the motorboat and Butty which as Jules explained it made steering the butty a lot easier as its out of the wash from the motorboat.

IMG_5534This boat passed us heading North. We were later told by a local boater that it was on its way to do some filming for the TV programme Call the Midwife and something about a Baby being born in the back cabin . Not sure if that is true , but it means we will now have to watch it to see if it is true.

IMG_5537Another pair of old boats heading South.

IMG_5541If ever you pass old or historic boats on the canal system you should always give them the centre of the channel and try and stay out of their way. They are very deep draughted and need every inch of water they can get. The boat in the picture above could have pulled in where it was a bit wider , but decided to keep coming and with the old boats not budging from the centre of the canal they got well and truly stuck on the bank.

After a lovely peaceful and enjoyable couple of days at Grafton Regis we are on the move again and pulled pins at 09.00.

IMG_5544Carolyn liked this boat name and picture

IMG_5549Carolyn also loves this, But I hate it.

IMG_5558Approaching the ornate bridge at Cosgrove and C&RT are busy doing some much needed bank repairs .No doubt as soon as they have finished and with it being Armco boats will start mooring there.

IMG_5564Not long after mooring at Cosgrove and who should we meet but friends Bob and Jan on nb Small Dreams . We first met them when we shared the Hatton flight with them and spent time together in Stratford upon Avon at the Water Festival. They stopped and had a cuppa and a good old catch up of what we had all been up to. Bob and Jan mainly cruise in the warmer months and then retire back to bricks and and mortar in the colder months. Even so we will meet up again over the Winter in a nice warm Pub for another catch up. After Carolyn met friend Fran on Nb The Boat and had a chat we then retired to Inca and battened down the hatches for what is supposed to be a night of heavy rain.

                                                                                           Happy Days


  1. enjoyed the blog .Still a few boats about x

    1. It's sometimes good to just sit and watch the boats go past ..

  2. Our last night onboard tonight, Gary and Carolyn, before we head for the warmer south ... Hope you two stay cosy over the winter months, mates.
    See you next year hopefully, M&Dx

    1. Hi Marilyn and David , Have a good trip back and enjoy the the summer ...we will be thinking of you when we are huddled around the stove when it's minus 10 in January...All the best