Tuesday, 27 October 2015



IMG_0121We pulled pins at 09.45 to make our way up to Marsworth to pick up number one Granddaughter who is up for the half term break from Devon. On the second lock up the gate is covered in plants and is home to all sorts of insects.

IMG_0123Every time we pass this boat we see the plants getting taller and taller.

IMG_0126This could be a busy boat at the weekend…..

IMG_0128The cabin on this boat looks a very rusty colour. In fact it is rust as it looks like it has never been painted. I'm not sure if it is meant to be this way,but after watching Grand Designs last week were they clad a house with rusty metal it may be that its the final finish.

IMG_0133The new complex of 13 houses at Marsworth Wharf are now nearly complete and with the cheapest one costing £515,000 I don't think we will bother buying one unless we win the lottery. It also looks like there is a new boaters service block being built next to the old elsan ,at least I hope that's what it is .

IMG_0147This warning was on the pipe that goes over the bridge at Marsworth Wharf . I reckon its because of what happened on The Northampton arm earlier in the year when someone tapped in to a fuel pipe and caused a massive pollution in the canal. Surely if the pipe carries fuel it should be protected a lot better than it is.

IMG_0145Our mooring at Marsworth and next to Startops ends reservoir. With a car park and the Bluebells cafe next to us it will be an ideal place to pick up Curly.With plenty of walking for Hamish and lovely scenery we will spend a couple of days here before moving on again.

                                                                                           Happy Days


  1. very nice. Have a wonderful time with Abbie xxx

  2. That's a lovely place to moor, G&C. We really enjoyed our stay there in summer. Cheers, M&D

    1. We usually try and stop there and enjoy the walks and countryside and the odd drink in the pub ?..