Monday, 12 October 2015

Milton Keynes


IMG_5600After a few days at Giffard park we started to get itchy feet again and made our way towards Campbell park in Milton Keynes. It was good to meet a couple of fellow bloggers although in both cases it was just a quick hello. Firstly Lisa and Steve on nb The June Rose shouted Hello as they cruised past and then we got a wave as we passed Ian and Irene on nb Freespirit. Hopefully next time our paths cross we can stop for a chat. Both of their blogs are very good and you can find a link to both of them in our Blog list.

IMG_5597Cruising past Lionhearts boat club.

IMG_5637We picked up this mooring after a short cruise at Campbell park under the trees. We will probably regret stopping here as the leaves are now starting to fall and cover our roof.

IMG_5646A Virgin over Milton Keynes..

IMG_5614The best thing about mooring here is the open space for walking and we always go down to Willen lake and have a stroll around and get an ice cream.

IMG_5633This is brilliant to watch on the lake. They were all beginners and not one of them got more than 20 yards. We had a good laugh sat there eating our ice creams.

IMG_5652Campbell park is one of the best kept parks around and its just great for walking and its also the quickest way from the canal in to the main shopping area of Milton Keynes . Guess where Carolyn is going later ??

IMG_5657We decided to walk up to the Fanzone and help them out with a World record attempt of the Haka. On reaching the gate there was that good old sign that we see all over the place NO DOGS.. We tend to take Hamish with us most places we go as he is not that keen at being left alone on the boat. Anyway it turned out they were nowhere near breaking the record as they needed 5000 people to turn up and they only got 720. It could have been 722 and a dog…..their loss.   No doubt the dismal performance of our national team didn't help matters as so many people have now lost interest. Having a small bit of Welsh blood in me I am now supporting them.

                                                                                                                   Happy Days


  1. Loved all the pictures. The tress looking great. Love the autumn. I see why you asked the question about nannie Phillips x