Monday, 26 October 2015

Coal sorted


SAM_5748With Gary on his coal boat Ascot moored behind us we decided to get some coal from him as we were running low him. You may remember that they have now stopped producing Pureheat which was the coal we were using at the end of last Winter,so we have been trying Excel and Winterblaze. Excel has been brilliant and stays in for well over 12 hours and we even had it stay in for up to 17 hours if we put a good old heap in with the boat staying at 22 deg C. Winterblaze believe it or not was a lot better than Excel and with a very good heat output and low ash we actually had it stay in on one fire filling for nearly 24 hours and the boat was kept at a constant 22deg C. The downside to Winterblaze is that its not a smokeless coal ,so there would be problems using it in a built up area. Having said that the smoke is not that bad once you get it burning and settled down, although the smoke is a bit more noticeable than a smokeless coal.

SAM_5782So in the end we have decided to go with Excel and bought 10 bags from Gary. Its a good price as you can get it from anything between £10 .25 and £11.00 and we know that if ever we cant get Excel, Winterblaze would do if we are not in a built up area. Now lets hope for a nice mild Winter..

                                                                                         Happy Days


  1. Gary and Carolyn, I know you will be pleased to know that we are not having to do coal selections here in Waikanae - summer is definitely approaching at speed. Our dilemmas are which strength of sunscreen to purchase, and do we need more outdoor furniture ...
    Cheers and stay warm, Marilyn and David

    1. Hi Marilyn... How lucky are you .We have just put all our sun creams away for 6 months......Enjoy the Summer and don't get too Burnt !!!!