Thursday, 18 June 2015

Twists and turns


IMG_1430                      After leaving our mooring at Pinkhill lock we came across this steam launch which was just being fired up.

IMG_1440The further we go up the Thames the more we are falling in love with it. There are so many twists and turns on the river that its not long before both your arms start to ache from continuously working the tiller from one side to the other. It can be very narrow in places as well , but that all adds to the fun of it . I would much sooner have this than a long boring straight piece of canal or river.

IMG_1449                                                                It looks like someone had fun with their shears.

IMG_1459                                                                          A mum or Dad protecting their Cygnets

IMG_1478                                                                                        Father Thames sitting proudly at St John’ lock.

IMG_1482After leaving St John’s lock we cruised the short distance to Lechlade which is just about where the navigation ends on the top end of the River Thames. It has taken us a very enjoyable cruise of 9 and a half hours to get here today.But now it’s time to chill with a glass or 3 of the red stuff and then a day off tomorrow from cruising to explore the local area.

                                                                                                      Happy Days


  1. For a moment I thought the little steam launch had it's own car on the roof, lol.
    Nice pics and topiary Gary!
    nb Oakfield

    1. Hi Oakfield ,,, Can recommend the upper Thames to Lechdale, It's brilliant. We will have to come back sometime and spend more time here. Speak to you later and be good !!!!

  2. We moored there last year. Have you found the Christmas Shop in Lechlade, also the garden centre. Jill and Paul x

  3. Hi fellow Green flag boaters...I didn't find the Xmas shop ,but Carolyn did plus every other shop there was there. Good moorings and loved the Thames.