Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Back up that hill

 After getting our new calorifier fitted  and still not getting over the shock of the bill it was an extra glass or 3 of the red stuff to calm me down in the evening.
Pulling pins the next morning at 07.30 from Seend locks we head towards the 29 locks at Devizes. With Curly on the tiller and now learning to steer Inca we make good time and get to the bottom Foxhanger lock at 09.45.

 We did the first few locks by ourselves and then paired up with nb Upacut to go up the flight. There were plenty of Gongoozlers (canal watchers) on the flight, but they took a bit of persuading to get them to open and close the gates.
We did get a bit of help from a couple of volunteer lockies on a few of the locks.

 A very rare picture. Me with a windlass in my hand and doing the last couple of locks at the top of the flight.

 We picked up a mooring on Devizes wharf opposite the Wadworth Brewery. We had a peaceful night until 06.00 when they started work and them metal barrels don't have make a lot of noise .
After a walk into the town and a bit of shopping it was off to good old Wetherspoons for lunch.

 Another night at Devizes which was luckily on another mooring, We then had another early start as we made our way back East on the K and A.
We passed this sign on a corner..
 Then when you got around the corner there was this sign... Very good

There are plenty of bank repairs going on and many that have been completed . Its just a bit of a shame a lot more effort cant be put into the lack and quality of visitor moorings on this canal.
We would have liked to have picked up a mooring at All Cannings , but we have never seen so many boats on a stretch of canal near a village and mooring was just impossible. It was then on to Honey Street and the situation was not much better there.
Luckily we have just managed to pick up a mooring at Pewsey. So with Curly on her way back home soon this will do for a day or so to enable her to be picked up

                                                              Happy Days


  1. Loved the blog. Abbie was looking very confident lot of concentration steering the boat, She is growing up so fast. Glad to see that you are doing a few turns on the locks.

  2. How did you get sun and we got rain over here in Leighton Buzzard?

    1. Hi Marilyn....You know the saying . The sun shines on the righteous . Well that's us on Nb Inca. ....plus I'm a day or two behind with the blog.