Friday, 12 June 2015



IMG_1177We pulled pins from our field mooring at 07.25 and soon got to the first lock of the day A lot of the lock balance beams are very high and Carolyn struggles to cross them. I have offered (believe it or not) to do the locks ,but Carolyn isn't that keen on going down in a lock whilst on the boat.

IMG_1180But when it comes to swing bridges and holding up the rush hour traffic she somehow gets a lot of pleasure of having all of that power over those poor motorists sat there watching and waiting..

IMG_1192This is Sheffield lock and Inca looks small in this this large lock.

IMG_1195This Swan decided to hitch a lift down the lock with us. But was not so keen to exit the lock at the bottom.

IMG_1206Approaching Reading and The Environment Agency are busy weed killing some of the invasive species of plants that are taking over some of our Waterways.

IMG_1224Here we go again, with the traffic lights on green its back through the Oracle shopping centre in Reading. Then onto the loop and luckily picking up a mooring just outside the jail.

IMG_1225Carolyn in her element …SHOPPING AND MORE SHOPPING.

It looks like we will have to spend another day here as “there are so many shops and how could you expect anyone to see all of them in just a few hours”. (Not my words)

                                                                                                   Happy (Shopping) Days

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  1. I loved the blog.poor carolynall the locks I Can imagine Carolyn liking holding up the traffic .(great) It looked very nice going through the town.x .