Sunday, 7 June 2015




This bunch of Anoraks started turning up at 10.00 in the morning with all their Hi Tech camera equipment. It seems that a steam train was heading this way on the main line and would pass here at 12.10. We watched them all set up and jostle for the best position. It seemed like the shot they wanted was when the train passed above Inca on the embankment.

About twenty minutes before the steam train arrived a class of local school children came to watch the train, many of the Kids having never seen a steam train before. They all lined up in front of the canal opposite the pumping station only for the teachers to be told by the train enthusiasts/Anoraks that if they stayed there the noisy children would spoil their pictures and videos of the train and would she kindly take them 100 meters down the towpath and out of the way. The teacher not wanting to cause any trouble moved all the kids to a position that was not as good to view the train . Myself and Carolyn just could not believe what had happened and that grown men would deprive young kids of a good view of a steam train. In fact the children were very well behaved and a credit to their school.

So…. Just as the train was coming into view I jumped up and onto the roof of Inca and stood in the middle just in line of where they wanted to take their picture. There were shouts behind me of “Get down you are spoiling are shot” and “ We have been here hours waiting for this”. I just pointed to the kids 100 meters down the towpath and said “what about them”.  There was no reply.

I must admit it did make me feel good to get a bit of revenge and i hope the Anoraks got the message and it wont happen again..But somehow i don't think they give a toss about anyone else, even kids.

IMG_1000This is the shot that they wanted and i got.

IMG_1001I thought this was rather good as well with the steam train passing Crofton Pumping station.

IMG_1028After all the goings on today we finally sat down and soaked up a bit of Sun .With Salisbury plain being so close we keep getting all sorts of military helicopters going overhead. We even get some following the route of the canal at night which wakes us up. But we don't mind as we know they need to carry out night training.

Tomorrow is forecast for more sun ,so we will spend another day here and maybe Carolyn will treat me to a bit of lunch in the local village.

                                                                                                                    Happy Days


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  2. WELL DONE GARY!! I spent my 30 year professional career teaching children 8 to 12 years old. Seeing the steam train would be a wonderful experience for the children, even closer would have been better. :) Aloha

  3. Score: Gary: 10, Anoraks: 0.
    A good day's work, sunshine! They won't have understood yesterday the lesson that you gave them, Gary, but hopefully they'll think on it and come to the conclusion that they were selfish towards the kids. Mx

  4. Pat on the back there Gary 😀 and good photo's to. Shame the children didn't't get such a good view.

  5. Good for you Gary, that just about typifies the poor behaviour of the Anorak mob. Two fingers and bit of abuse is about all they deserved after their treatment of the school children.
    Wonderful photo's of the steam train.
    Oh and I am a frequent visitor to your blog which I thoroughly enjoy so keep up the good work.

  6. Good on you! Les was pounding the dinette table in glee.