Friday, 5 June 2015

Bye Bye Curly


IMG_0953Believe it or not this is our 48 hour visitor mooring at Pewsey . In fact we have been told that we are very lucky to have it. We are aground and 3 feet from the bank and we have to use our plank to get on and off with. The grass as you can see is well kept.

IMG_0950These 48 hour moorings which are closer to the pub are even worse than the the one we have got.

IMG_0926With it time for Curly to go back down to Devon my parents decided to hitch a ride in their own car with Chloe and pay us a visit. this in Joan walking the plank.

IMG_0929Followed by Ken.

IMG_0943With the Waterfront pub not open for a lunchtime meal we decided to go into Pewsey and try the Royal Oak. The big decision to make was did we have desert after are lunch or not ?…Answer.. Of course we did..

IMG_0923It was then all back to Inca for a cuppa and a sleep for Ken , before saying goodbye as they headed back down to sunny Devon. With the school summer holidays not that far away it wont be long before Curly is back behind the tiller on Inca.

IMG_0962The following day we pulled pins at 08.10 with the hope of picking up a mooring at Crofton. We passed this lovely old David Brown tractor on the way.

IMG_0958I think we were a bit lucky here. We I made the decision to chance it and go under this tree which was at a very precarious angle. We later heard that Canal & River Trust cut it down ,but then couldn't get it out of the canal and then caused a 4 hour delay.

IMG_0965It certainly helps if you are when you come down onto the K and A.

IMG_0967Another little gem is this water point at Crofton. With no hard edge and only 2 stupid posts to moor too, it has to be one of the most difficult to get on and off anywhere. A bit of work needed here me thinks.

IMG_0981A stroke of luck and we picked up this lovely mooring at Crofton. We will have a day or two here and maybe have a wander up to the village of Wilton for a pint or 3 in the Swan pub.

                                                                                                                 Happy Days

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  1. very nice pictures, You were lucky with that tree. your mooring looks good.x