Wednesday, 24 June 2015



IMG_1680Pulling pins from Kirtlington Quarry at 08.30 we soon pass the Tithe barn at Upper Heyford

IMG_1683Its then on to Somerton deep which along with a lock on the Tardebigge flight is one of the deepest single locks on the canal system.

IMG_1687Its then onto Aynho wharf for some diesel . The price on display was 70ppl self declaration , so we had a fill up of 75 litres. As we were filing Dusty the coal boat passed with his price being 75ppl. If we had seen him before we would have bought from him as we like to support the boats as they go out in all weathers during the Winter to support us.

IMG_1692Off the the final river section on the South Oxford and through bridge 187 and up past the C&RT depot

IMG_1701We then went onto the moorings of The Pig Place. With good reports about the quality of their meats we soon had a large quantity of their produce aboard Inca.

IMG_1711You can walk around and see all the pigs and their young offspring. They do seem to be very happy and content which is a good thing. Mind you those little piglets weren't very happy when I told them that I was having their uncle in the form of a Pork chop for my dinner tonight and that he would be washed down with a glass or three of the red stuff……

                                                                                                                    Happy (Porky) Days

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