Monday, 29 June 2015

Royal ???


IMG_1847After a night below Stockton we filled the next lock and got on our way towards Royal Leamington Spa.

IMG_1853I was very lucky to catch this very rare pair of woodland creatures. I am not sure what they are as i can’t find any reference to them in any of my wildlife books.

IMG_1867One of the most famous boats on the cut in NB President which passed us on route to Leamington Spa. We ended going hard aground and struggled to get off as apparently he was touching the bottom even in the middle of the canal.

IMG_1872It would seem that this building which contains some very good water is the reason for the Royal in Leamington Spa. Although the town was originally called Leamington Priors before it got its royal prefix name which was granted by queen Victoria in 1836.

IMG_1874After a look around those very boring shops which I rushed Carolyn through we went to the Jephson Gardens which are kept absolutely immaculate and are well worth a visit.

IMG_1877What a picture.

IMG_1878Into the hot house, although i must admit i do seem to spend a lot of time in the hothouse.

IMG_1880With plants and flowers from all over the world , plus its free to go in.

IMG_1881 Watch out Carolyn it may bite !!!!

IMG_1883After our walk around Leamington we pulled pins and headed into Warwick were we did a shop at the Tesco which is very handy being next to the canal. We couldn't get on the Tesco moorings but were lucky enough to pick up this tree mooring a little way back. With the time getting on this will do us for tonight and prepare us for The Hatton flight of locks in the morning..

                                                                                    Happy Days

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