Saturday, 20 June 2015

The end of the Thames


IMG_1490                                                               This is Lechdale and it is at the end of the navigable Thames

IMG_1494A charming place with everything you need and a place i can see us retiring to when are boating days are over. But I'm not too sure that Carolyn has the same thoughts as i have.

IMG_1501                                                      With RAF Brize Norton nearby we have planes flying over us all day long.

IMG_1525Being on a field mooring we have been plagued by this bunch of misfits. They seem to have taken a likening to eating mooring ropes and anything that is on a boat roof. We were even told that a couple of days ago they ate the cable from a solar panel. Needless to say the boat owner was not at all amused. Lucky for us we have Hamish on guard duty.

IMG_1518                                                                                                Hamish chilling under the brolly after defending Inca.

IMG_1548While we are trying to protect our ropes from the little blighters….. the cows are busy eating the ropes on the boat in front of us.

IMG_1574After a very enjoyable day relaxing at Lechlade we pull pins at 05.55 thanks to the cows that woke us up trying to eat our rear cover. It was always my intention to go to the end of the navigation which is the round house. We could have turned (winded) at the Halfpenny bridge , but i just had to go all the way to the end. I almost regretted that decision as it was so shallow at the winding hole that we got slightly stuck whilst trying to turn. Eventually after a lot of struggling we winded and headed back down the Thames.

IMG_1575                            The Moorhens seem to be late breeding in this area ,unless its the second brood of the season .This one seems to be a bit lost.

IMG_1591                                                                      How about this for a bit of fun if you are in a canoe.

IMG_1602                                                                                  How about this for some more fun.

IMG_1608Then another one came along. I have seen these boats on other peoples blogs and they certainly seem to be doing a lot of travelling.

IMG_1618After another 8 hour cruising day we finally moored up above Pinkhill lock where we were pleased to meet up with Sue and Vic on Narrowboat No Problem. Theirs was one of the first blogs i ever started reading and their site is full of very useful information . We had a good old natter and hope to meet up with them again soon.

Tomorrow we plan another early start as it now time to get back onto the South Oxford canal and head towards our next summer cruise destination .Our Thames licence has just about run out now. But one thing is for sure, As we have enjoyed it so much we will definitely be back on the Thames in the future                       

                                                                                                                Happy Days


  1. When you are no longer continuous cruisers I think your place of retirement will be determined by the access to retail therapy. :) Loved the pictures of Hamish, he's looking good. Aloha, Amos

    1. Hi Amos , Banbury is our next big shopping destination where we will no doubt spend the whole 48 hours mooring time there. Still it keeps her happy ....

  2. Lovely pics Gary, we have been to Lechlade a few times by car.
    It is lovely and will be even better when the Thames connects to the Cotswold Canal too.
    I think the lock next to the roundhouse has already been reinstated.
    nb Oakfield

    1. Hi both, if you get the chance it is worth it to go all the way up to Lechlade by boat. The Thames turns into a different river and it's great fun steering around all those tight bends..

  3. Hi both enjoyed your Thames trips sounded lovely.
    Not many bloggers get up to the end (and I follow a lot!) so hats off to you Gary for the extra effort.
    Vic and Sue was probably one of the 1st I caught up with to during my rekindling of a 28 year break from canal holidays, good init!
    Cheers for sharing.

    1. Hi Ade , the Thames was great and we will do more of it some time in the future. The turn at the roundhouse was good. The guide book said it was shallow on the North bank , but we soon found out it was shallow on the South bank as well....Still it's all good fun .