Tuesday, 16 June 2015



IMG_1325Leaving Shillingford and we soon pass some more of the superb properties that line the river.

IMG_1336Now that reminds me , I must teach Hamish to read…

IMG_1342This is Culham Lock and one of the deeper locks on this section.There was a lot of trouble when we arrived as there were no lock keepers on duty. When the locks are set to self service the filling and emptying of the lock is slowed down ,so nobody can come to harm with a fast filling or emptying lock. The lock was taking over 20 minutes to fill and a similar time to empty. With a long line of boats above the lock tempers were starting to flare. When the young lockie eventually turned up one lady had a right old go at him. It turned out that the rota’s were wrong and he was sent to another lock so not his fault. Anyway with us not being in a hurry it didn't really matter a lot to us.

IMG_1344Arriving at Abingdon and finding all the moorings below the bridge full we picked up this one above the bridge.

IMG_1349After mooring it was into Abingdon and a walk around the town.

IMG_1348Its funny how Carolyn’s pace increases when she see’s a market. Abingdon is lovely town with some very expensive property prices. After a good look around the town and filling our rucksacks with bits and pieces it was back to Inca .

Tomorrow we will be off on our travels North again and heading up past Oxford and towards the upper reaches of the Navigable River Thames

                                                                                                          Happy Days

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  1. will have to show Abbie this blog Ithink that she would have a laugh about Hamish having to learn to read.Glad to see Carolyn of on her shopping trips. hope she got some bargains at the market Nice blog x