Monday, 22 June 2015

Bye Bye Thames !!


IMG_1631Yet another early start as we pull pins at 07.15 from Pinkhill lock on the upper Thames. There was a good reason for leaving early as we wanted to get through the last 2 locks before Dukes cut as our Thames licence ran out at midnight last night (but please don't tell anyone, although if we do see a lockie it will be a pleasure to pay). With the lockies not starting work until 09.00 and the locks being on self service we had plenty of time to sneak pass through without being noticed .

IMG_1634Carolyn on lock duty and doing what the lockies do and using a pole with a hook on the end to open and close the far gates to save walking all the way around.

IMG_1636It looks like they have tried to camouflage this boat , but we saw it….

IMG_1648Turning onto Dukes cut and the short journey to the lock that takes us back onto the South Oxford canal.

IMG_1652When we finally reach the lock at the end of the cut and what a mess we find. There is nowhere to drop Carolyn off as boats have been abandoned on the lock approach and lock landing plus the vegetation has been allowed to get well out of hand.

Not long after leaving the Thames we had a shout from a passing boat to say that they followed our blog. The boat was Duxslandin (Not sure if spelt correctly). It was good to see you and next time we meet we will have to stop for a chat..PS Your boat looks very good with a great paint job ….

IMG_1658Reaching Thrupp and these kind boaters after not seeing us approach and shutting the lift bridge , then after seeing us moored their boat and went back and operated the bridge to allow us to go through.

IMG_1665After a good days cruise we reached these moorings on the offside at Kirtlington. They are on the site of a former quarry wharf.

IMG_1675After mooring we had a walk up to the quarry and what a lovely view we had out over the quarry and the Oxfordshire countryside.

Tomorrow we will cruise when we wake up. But as i usually wake up at about 06.00 i guess it will be another early start as we head North on the Oxford canal.

                                                                                     Happy Days


  1. That looks like a 'dangerous heron' there Gary, and were the Owl and the Pussy-cat aboard the pea green boat as you passed, lol..
    Agree, Dukes Cut does look very neglected, glad you were able to stop at Kirtlington Quarry site, it is peaceful and beautiful there isn't it?
    nb Oakfield

  2. Hi Oakfield , The quarry is very peaceful especially in the evening when the dog walkers have gone.,we will have to come back this way sometime and explore a bit more...Lovely Oxfordshire.