Monday, 8 June 2015

The Ploughman's


IMG_1007Mid day and Carolyn decided she would treat me to something to eat at The Swan pub in the village of Wilton.

IMG_1022What a picturesque old village it is.I'm glad i didn't have to pay for this to be thatched.

IMG_1021In the middle of the village is this old redundant phone box. It now has a Defibrillator installed and is available to the local community in an emergency. What an absolutely brilliant idea.

IMG_1020We both chose to have a Ploughman's (Plus a few chips of course) which was very good. But why do they insist on serving food on a plank of wood. I would much prefer to have it served on a normal plate…..PS This picture is just for my old mate Stewart on nb The Boat , as i know he loves a good picture of food….

IMG_1023After a good lunch we had a leisurely stroll back to Inca and then a relaxing afternoon sat out in the sun watching the world go by…Just the ticket.

                                                                                                       Happy Days


  1. what beautiful pictures. loved them all. I must say that the ploughmans looked really good. nice spot where you are, x

  2. I reckon any ploughman's on a plate (unless it was the meat plattter) wouldn't be as big as that one, Gary! Be happy it was on the bread board! If Jamie Oliver can serve food on boards then so can pubs ...
    Looks like a fab day there! Cheers, Marilyn

    1. Hi Marilyn , It was a great summers day....