Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Dream on Sweetheart


IMG_1048Still at Crofton and there's something very special about watching Red Kites soaring in the skies above us.

IMG_1074Then we had the pleasure of this lot in the evening. I'm sure they were after my wine.

IMG_1082An early start and according to one of the volunteer lockies this paddle at bottom lock Crofton requires more turns than any other on the K&A to raise and lower it. He said it was 63 turns. Keep going Carolyn you are nearly there !!!!.


IMG_1089One of the many leaky locks on this canal.

IMG_1091And one of the many damaged and not working paddles on this canal.

IMG_1094Just before Hungerford you pass this old Lock keepers cottage. When we passed a few weeks ago it still looked like it could be lived in. But now some Scroates have smashed all the windows. What a shame.

IMG_1098Arriving in Hungerford and the 24 hour moorings above the lock are empty, So we quickly grab one and head into Tesco for a quick shop. When we got back surprise surprise the moorings were full.

IMG_1104“Yes” said Carolyn , This is a good possibility for Gary's final resting place.                                                                                             

IMG_1108Having a walk around Hungerford and Carolyn sees this and falls in love……….Dream on Sweetheart !!!!!!!!!

IMG_1109We both like Hungerford a lot and we think it is one of the best towns we have come across on the K&A, It is very similar to our home town of Totnes but without all the charity shops. Instead Hungerford is just full of Antique shops.

We will spend a night here and then tomorrow it will be an early start and back towards the River Thames at Reading which should take us a few days to reach.


                                                                                     Happy Days

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  1. poor Carolyn having to do that lock, she have done so much and left you to do the rest.x