Thursday, 25 June 2015

Lovely neighbours !!


IMG_1717We pulled pins at 08.30 and met this boat going through the lock . The owner was taking it to Braunston for the Historic boat festival . The Boat is called Tardebigge and its an Ice breaker/tug and parts of it date back to the early 1900s. It is a lovely looking boat and a credit to its owner.

IMG_1720Not sure how i got this picture . No doubt the camera was on the wrong setting , but this is us waiting to go up the lock in Banbury.

IMG_1730When we eventually get up in the lock there are just so many Gongoozlers. But Carolyn doesn't mind a the kids help her work the lock gates. With one of the paddles out of action there was a bit of a wait at the lock.

IMG_1738We picked up this mooring near to the Museum in Banbury as Carolyn was in dire need of some retail therapy.

IMG_1744Following a very successful shopping day for Carolyn we decided to go into town for an early breakfast before setting off the following day. Now, this is how i like to see a town with all its shops shut. Although Carolyn doesn't seem to share my thoughts.We went to Wetherspoons for one of their breakfasts ,but unfortunately we didn't have a good experience.I wont go into detail but the service and cold food was very poor to say the least. The excuse from the staff was that they were understaffed and couldn't cope….Well that's NOT MY PROBLEM Mr Wetherspoon !!!…. Carolyn hasn't been happy with Spoons for a long time as we have had several bad meals over recent months and she is a bit fed up with cheap microwaved meals. We will just have to see if it improves, and if it doesn't .

IMG_1749Leaving Banbury and we soon reach the old lock keepers cottage at Bourton lock. . I just hope that one day the owners who are supposed to be boaters do something with it.

IMG_1752That's a good looking Tree….. What do you think Ann (nb Oakfield) ?????????

IMG_1754Swifts ,Swallows or House Martins. I do not have a clue what they are , but these fledglings didn't half make a racket calling for their breakfast as we passed them.

IMG_1764After reaching the summit of The South Oxford we pass through Fenny tunnel that used to be a tunnel . Many years ago the roof was taken off the tunnel leaving a very narrow stretch of canal that is nearly a straight mile long. If you have ever travelled through this section you will know how narrow it is and you just hope you don't meet a boat coming in the other direction. Well today we met 12 boats heading towards us and it took us nearly 2 hours to get through. Never mind though as its all part of the fun of boating….

IMG_1782We picked up this mooring on the summit of the South Oxford canal and its miles from anywhere. With 179 sheep as neighbours ( I couldn't sleep, so had to count them ) and no one else  for miles we will have a very enjoyable night here.

                                                                                                           Happy Days


  1. Carolyn looked a bit lonely in the square & no shopsnopen tha twont do at all. will have alook in my bird book and see if I can find out what those birds are x

  2. Your wrong setting on the camera produced something resembling a painting.
    Praps you could do it again, and print out some interesting ones.
    Thanx for that lovely tree, it has to be an Oak Tree, doesn't it?
    How many sheep did you count before the loud snoring began?

    1. Hi Ann. I've tried to repeat the picture but no luck yet. It was an Oak ,and a grand old tree it was. Don't mention sheep. After counting them and getting to sleep the little Sodexo woke me up at 05.30 with their bleeting....

  3. Hi Gary, I was interested in your comments about being disappointed with Wetherspoons. Given a number of boaters mention the chain in their blogs, David and I decided to try the one in Leighton Buzzard but left without sampling their wares. All the food we saw on people's plates looked highly coloured (battered fish looking bright yellow is just wrong) and the place was heaving with kids and it smelled funny.
    By the way, I think England is rustling NZ sheep - we are down to about 20 million of the critters now (from 40m a few years ago) and the UK seems to have an increasing population - I refuse to believe the critters can swim this far of their own accord, so when did the UK take up sheep rustling? Now come on - confess and we'll go easy on you ...
    Cheers, Marilyn

    1. Hi Marilyn , I have had the fish a couple of times and its nothing very special, In fact I have been trying to find out what sort of fish it is as it doesn't taste like anything I've ever had before. but so far I can not find any reference to what variety it is. I do agree with your other point about the kids, but I guess its a cheap place to take a family out to eat.
      Definitely have not stolen any of your sheep. Its too far to go to nick em !!
      PS Our engine oil change is nearly due , so I will wait till we meet up for you to do it, as I see you are now fully skilled in the engine compartment.

  4. W'spoon's fish is always Cod Gary, it's so popular they sell 100's of portions on their 'Fish Friday' specials .
    For just over £6 with a free pint, it takes some beating I think.
    Perhaps Marilyn should have tried it before commenting.

    1. Totally agree about the price.its just a shame about the quality and service at some of their pubs .I know it's a staffing problem. And after watching a programme about what chefs do to the food that people send back I am very concerned about sending anything back, although we might have caught them at a bad time it's not my fault and we do expect better than we had....Ps next time we are in Banbury we will avoid the flure de whatever and go up to the other one, if I can persuade Carolyn to go to a spoons....