Thursday, 11 June 2015

Moo !!!

IMG_1112After pulling pins at 07.50 from Hungerford we saw this little chap caught on the cill of the first lock of the day . Luckily after a bit of wriggling he managed to drop back down into the water.
IMG_1116Carolyn fell in love with this house as she does with a lot of expensive looking houses as we cruise along. We will just have to keep on doing the lottery and then one day!! .

IMG_1123We eventually arrived in Newbury and had a peaceful night above the lock on the 24 hour moorings before moving off for another early start.
IMG_1125After dropping back down through the lock we again joined The River Kennet as we sped through Newbury thanks to the flow of the river. I do like going with the flow as you can knock back the engine revs back and save a few quid on diesel.
IMG_1128Who do you think owns this boat ????
IMG_1137It was then on and into Monkey Marsh lock which is one of only two remaining turf sided locks on the K&A with the other one being Garston.The lock is always left empty and because it is so big and leaks so much it took about 15 minutes to fill.
IMG_1170After nearly 7 hours of cruising we picked up this lovely field mooring. Although Carolyn doesn't seem that happy with it.
IMG_1174We are soon joined by a few young friendly and inquisitive Cows . Carolyn has a fear of Cows ,so as soon as they got very close she dived back aboard Inca. They soon lost interest and we had a great evening sat out by the river.
Tomorrow yet again will be another early start as we want to get into Reading and pick up a mooring on the loop before heading back onto The Thames. We have been told that moorings can be in short supply here as it is a bit of a stop off for boats going onto and off The Thames ,so hopefully if we can get there before midday we might be lucky.
                                                                                                   Happy Days

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  1. good blog as usual.would gave run a mile if I had seen those cows..