Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Ducks Den


IMG_4330With pins pulled at 07.15 we are soon through the bottom 3 locks at Grindley Brook and are now going into the staircase of 3 locks. Luckily being early we just had to wait for one boat to drop down and then we were in.

IMG_4335The other good thing about an early start is the lack of Gongoozlers (canal watchers) on this popular lock flight. Although having said that we always enjoy a good old natter with them.

IMG_4349Safely moored up before the lift bridge at Whitchurch after a relatively short cruise for us .

IMG_4340This is in the corner of the winding hole on the short Whitchurch arm. At least somebody cares about the Ducks.

IMG_4345After mooring it was a walk up to the town which is well over a mile from the canal. The town is very similar to Totnes where we used to live with the biggest difference being in the cost of houses, you can certainly get a lot more for your money here.

IMG_4363Is this a good looking tree or what. I'm sure Ann (nb Oakfield) will like it as much as I do.

IMG_4365Its just a bit of a shame that this barbed wire was pinned to the trunk of the tree. But its amazing how the tree has grown around it and doesn't seem to be affected by it. 

IMG_4367     This seems to becoming very popular on the canals these days. We are seeing more and more people wearing HI-VIZ. To be honest I cant see the need for it and I wonder if its a bit over the top. Still the way Canal and River Trust is going you may find that they make it compulsory for all boaters to wear it in years to come.


                                                                                                                 Happy Days


  1. Yes a nice looking tree.And I see what you mean about the town it does look a bit like Totnes.It looked very peaceful along the way. x

  2. Was the barbed wire put there to protect the tree?

    1. Hi Tom and Jan. No the barbed wire was not put there to protect the tree . The tree had been used as a post ,along with other fencing posts to divide one field into two fields ..

  3. Hi Gary & Caroline, really enjoying your Blog, it's the only one I check on a daily basis. I'm guessing the Hi Viz coats could be a freebie borrowed (?) from work, I've got one just like it stashed in the car should it be needed. Regards Richie

    1. Hi Richie , Glad you are enjoying the blog . Good point with the Hi Viz and you sure can't beat a freebie sometimes !!!