Friday, 11 September 2015

Crash bang Wallop !!!


IMG_4774Arriving back at Ellesmere and it seems there is trouble just around the corner. It just happens that a day boat with an inexperienced crew has hit a few boats and there are some very unhappy boaters shouting and swearing. Well that sounds about right for this canal.IMG_4780What a surprise, and how good was it to meet up with Jacquie on Nb Ducks 2 Water. It was good to see that she was looking so well and after she moored up we had a good old catch up of what we had both been up to .Hopefully we will back up this way in the future and then meet up to have that bottle or 3 of the red stuff.

IMG_4785After a shop at Tesco in Ellesmere we set off again only to be hit in the bows by this bunch of nobs lovely people on a hire boat. What gets me is that for them it is just a great laugh at how they crashed into another boat. But it is our home and many of these boats cost as much as a house. They soon got the message that I was not at all happy.  After hitting us they got well and truly stuck across the canal . Try as much as they did they could not push it off . So muggings here had to put a rope on their bow and pull them out of trouble. I did get a bit of a thank you as they motored past us on their way to their next disaster.

IMG_4787A trio of lovely looking trees … Just for Ann.

IMG_4805Passing through Wrenbury lift bridge and we pass this odd looking chap.

IMG_4809Another leaky lock that will require attention sooner than later. I sometimes wonder how CaRT will ever manage the system as everything seems to be getting worse with more and more breakdowns and lock failures than ever before due to a lack of routine maintenance.

IMG_4812Supporting one of the local coal boats and we pick up a gas bottle from Nb Mountbatten.A lovely guy with very competitive prices and we will definitely be using him again when we are next in this area..

IMG_4814A fine looking Beast and I know exactly what he's after !!!!! “Lets share a bit of grass and then”……..

We eventually ended up above Grindley Brook locks after a long days cruising. We will have another early start tomorrow and try to get down below Hurleston locks and back onto The Shropshire Union Canal.


                                                                                                  Happy Days


  1. Very nice blog. Yes the trees did look good. Shame about your crash hope you have sorted it. No doubt you will be having a spot of trouble with the falling leaves. ha ha something to look forward to. xxx

  2. Thanx for the lovely trees Gary, very thoughtful of you to think of me, lol.
    Good to see Jackie looking happy and still enjoying her cruising.
    How are Carolyn's eyes and ankle now?
    nb Oakfiled

    1. Hi Ann , Always thinking of you lol...carolyn said she will give you a call ..