Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Captive for a while


IMG_5098After a peaceful night at Hawkesbury junction we pulled pins at 08.10 and soon passed the old engine house.

IMG_5112We then made the turn under the bridge and left the Coventry canal and then through the stop lock and we joined the North Oxford canal.

IMG_5149A bit of a hold up at Rose Narrowboats as the boat filling with water on the right had blocked the canal.

IMG_5164We passed this guy on route doing the monotonous job of pit filling. Pits are holes made by rust eating into the metal of a boats hull. They can be filled in with weld like in the picture above , but if they get too bad it may be a case of re-plating the hull.… Its a good reminder to keep your hull in good condition and always have it blacked every couple of years.

IMG_5172Approaching Hillmorton locks, and why do the dickhead Graffiti idiots have to spoil this.

IMG_5179Up through Hillmorton locks and another holdup with a hire boat in front of coming down the locks at the top. So as the lock says we are captive for a while. It was their first ever lock and according to them it was nothing like the hire company told them it would be. That sounds about right.

IMG_5183With this guy flying over us we moored up at Hillmorton for the night . In the morning we will head towards Braunston where we need to get a new Pressure relief valve for our calorifier.

                                                                                                                   Happy Days


  1. Hi Gary and Carolyn, We are at Norton Junction and aim to be in Braunston tomorrow night, so we might well see you there! It has been a long time since we met on the Tardebigge flight shortly after you set off on your life afloat. Jennie and Chris, nb Tentatrice

    1. Hi Jennie, We are a few days behind with the blog and are now at Brownsover. We should be back in Braunston some time next week . If you are still there it would be good to meet up ...Gary and Carolyn

  2. Ah well so near and yet so far! We actually went through Braunston today (we stopped to shop, but did not like the mooring, so moved on) and are now heading towards Calcutt and from there on to home by mid October. Jennie and Chris

    1. Such a shame that we will not meet up ,Maybe next year . So far we plan to go to North and do the Leeds Liverpool and I am trying to talk Carolyn in to doing the Ribble link and then on to the Lancaster Canal ... All the best Gary and Carolyn