Tuesday, 8 September 2015



IMG_4579Yet another early start and we pulled pins at 07.15 for the final leg of our journey into the basin at Llangollen . As you enter Llangollen the canal becomes one way working due to the width , so you are advised to send a crew mate ahead to check you have clear passage.

IMG_4617Arriving in the basin and there are plenty of spaces available . At £6 a night and with free electric you cant beat it. The washing machine and tumble dryer haven't stopped and we can use our electric fires in the evenings… Just the ticket

IMG_4601We then head off down the town and as you can see Carolyn is well happy enjoying a bit of retail therapy.

IMG_4611Looking down onto the river and these canoeist take the easy option and avoid the rapids . I know my mate Harry would have taken the white water ride.

IMG_4597We saw this sign in the town and thought what a great deterrent it would be if those sentences were brought back today.

IMG_4622How about that for a Pork chop. I've not had one like that with the Kidney still on it since The Harris Bacon Factory shop in Totnes closed over 25 years ago. And yes it was delicious and went down a treat with a bottle of the red stuff..

IMG_4634Our next excursion out was to conquer Dinas Bran. The first building placed at Dinas Bran was not the castle which now stands in ruins on top of the hill but an iron age hill fort built around 600 BC.In English it’s called ‘Crow Castle’, but the Welsh title, ‘Castell Dinas Bran’ literally means Castle of the City of Crows. A steep walk on foot is the only option for reaching the summit and what a climb it is. I must have stopped a half a dozen times to catch my breath while Carolyn and Hamish just marched on up.

IMG_4649Finally at the top and it is well worth the effort. With the mountains of North wales in one direction

IMG_4657You then have views of the Pontcysylite Aqueduct and views stretching back over Shropshire.

IMG_4674Now there's an idea . Do away with the engine on Inca and get a horse. I'm sure Carolyn would enjoy leading him along the Towpath as I steered.

After a good couple of days in Llangollen it will soon be time to leave We have enjoyed it just as much this year as we did last year and no doubt will end up here again in the future.

                                                                                                     Happy Days


  1. I really loved this blog. one year ago we were there great place.nice size chop you had Gary I Agree you cant get a decent chop since the factory closedII

    IT was nice to see the town again and looking over the bridge Glad you made to the top of the mountain this time.

  2. Great photos of the views, Gary. Is it perhaps the bottles of red that slow you down on the hill climbing, mate?
    We don't have time to follow in your footsteps this season - but next year, we will be there! (not in the red drinking given I drink chardonnay - I meant going down the Llangollen ...) I will have to gird my loins and close my eyes for the aqueduct mind you!
    Cheers, Marilyn

    1. Hi Marilyn . Yes the bottles of the red stuff probably do slow me down , but I am retired ..you will enjoy the Llangollen and make sure you go down the Monty , it's a real delight. The Stream in the sky is something else and I can honestly say you will love it !!! Dinas Bran is a must and it will be great to hear how you get on going up there...

  3. Fab pics on this blog Gary, I think we need to cruise the Llangollen now.
    Glad you made it to the top of the mountain, well done you.

    1. Hi Ann , It's a long way and it can be very busy ,but it's well worth the effort...