Saturday, 5 September 2015

Welcome to Wales


IMG_4447After pulling pins from St Martins moor we soon pass this sign. Its on the towpath side which is a perfectly OK place to moor We see this in a lot of places where people buy a house next to a canal and then do not want boats mooring anywhere near their property….. Nobs !! 

IMG_4450Heading towards Chirk and after passing this old working boat and telling him that there was a boat behind us he kept going and then look what happened.

IMG_4453Old Chimneys decorated with canal art.

IMG_4467With birds and a train above us we pass over the historic Chirk aqueduct. Carolyn is more than happy to steer over this one as there is no sheer drop next to you as you pass over it.Built in 1801 it consists of 10 arches and it is a very impressive 70 feet above the Ceiriog valley

IMG_4478Welcome to Wales


Now at Whitehurst/Whitehouses tunnel and as its single working we have a twenty minute wait as 4 boats come from the other direction.

We now have to find a mooring for the night before crossing the World Heritage site of The Pontcysylite aqueduct which is also known as The Stream in the sky. Its then an early start tomorrow as we cross over and head in to the basin at Llangollen.

                                                                                                                      Happy Days


  1. on your to somewhere I loved last year when we were with you. like your glasses Carolyn.enjoy your stay there, xxx

  2. You are bringing back fond memories from the time we travelled on the Llangollen Canal with Dot & Derek on nb Gypsy Rover in 2008

  3. Hi Jenny and Robin , this has to be of the best canals on the system . Although it's very busy it is still a delight to cruise along . It will be sad to leave but we have heard Winters can be a bit harsh up here ,So like the birds we will be heading South .....