Saturday, 26 September 2015

Pull harder


IMG_5227After a night at Braunston and after carrying out our PRV change on our calorifier we head back to Rugby to do a shop at the Tesco store at Brownsover.The picture above shows the car park empty, but its funny how cars would come in and park next to each other. Then a package would pass from one car to the other and then something else was passed back the other way … How Bizarre !!!   I wonder what was going on….

IMG_5230It was one of those nights that you dread happening. The boat behind us ran his engine from 17.00 till 19.45 which is acceptable as its stated in the rules that engines and generators should only be run from 8 in the morning till 8 at night. The engine its self was not that noisy but the fumes it kicked out was unbelievable.We soon had to leave Inca as we couldn't breath due to the fumes and take a very long walk with Hamish to get a bit of fresh air .But then dead on 8 o'clock the person on the boat in front decided to start up his small 2 stroke JCB generator. At 9 o'clock with it still running I was ready to go and kindly ask the guy to switch it off, but Carolyn said its not worth it and there is probably a good reason why it is still running. With it still running at 10 o'clock Carolyn had to sit on the front steps to stop me from going out and chucking the generator in the canal. Eventually with Carolyn still blocking my exit at 10.27 pm the very annoying person switched off his generator.

IMG_5237After filling the cupboards from good old Mister Tesco at Brownsover we pulled pins and headed to the winding hole just past the aqueducts. The new retail park is now taking shape and it looks like it should soon be open. Lets hope that they restore the water point that has been unavailable since work on the retail park began last year.After winding (turning) we headed back towards Hillmorton

IMG_5246At least the idiot Graffiti nobs haven't yet defaced this piece of artwork on bridge 69.

IMG_5250OOPS! ..”pull harder and put your back into it”.. Well that's what I would be shouting saying to Carolyn

IMG_5262Eventually we reach our mooring at Hillmorton and Carolyn soon gets the washing out on the line and drying in glorious Autumn sunshine. Its always one of our favourite moorings as apart from the noise of the trains which you soon get used to ,we have good TV and 9 megs of Internet.

                                                                                                              Happy Days


  1. Gary, how is your clothesline attached - please provide photos.
    The engine/generator noise issue is a pain, isn't it? I do think we need to challenge it by going and asking them if they can turn it off just after 8pm. If we don't then who will, and how will they get the message that it is unacceptable to those of us mooring near them? Being assertive but polite in these situations is hard, but we need to do it. There are many people who cannot bring themselves to ask others to be considerate, even in a kind and non-confrontational way. Same thing with people moored up on water points ...
    Cheers, Mx

  2. Hi Marilyn .. If you let me have your e-mail I will send you a link for our device ..I will not publish your E-mail address.