Sunday, 13 September 2015

Heading South



IMG_4815After a brilliant time as always on the Llangollen we eventually make it back on to The Shropshire union canal and start heading South for the Winter ,just like the Birds do.

IMG_4818Passing through Nantwich and who should we see but fellow bloggers and Liveaboards Gary (Great name) and Della on Nb Muleless. It was good to catch up on what we had all been up to over the Summer and we will no doubt meet again during the Winter for that drink we keep saying we will have … Have a good cruise back down South.

IMG_4821We had intended to go up the Audlem flight of 15 locks , but we were warned by passing boats that there were 10 boats at the bottom waiting to go up and the flight of locks were taking 7 and a half hours to complete. So in came plan B , We picked up these moorings about a mile before Audlem and how good was it having a Damson tree next to our Mooring . Carolyn was soon out picking and before long the cooking process of turning all of those lovely Damsons into Jam had commenced…Just the ticket.

IMG_4825The following morning we pulled pins at 07.15 with the intention of pushing on and doing all 25 locks of the Audlem flight,the Adderley flight and the Tyrley flight

IMG_4836Another good boat name we passed on route . Yes you probably are if you own a boat.

IMG_4827Canal and River Trust contractors hard at work . This must be the last cut of the year for this stretch

IMG_4846We have seen acres and acres of this giant grass. I wouldn't like to meet the giant Cows that eat it.

IMG_4851This lady is a volunteer lockie on the Tyrley flight of locks and she has to be one of the best volilockies we have ever come across on our travels . So helpful and very friendly, Its a shame they all can’t be like her.

After another 2 hours of cruising and a total of 9 and a half hours for the day we eventually moored up at Shebdon Wharf. After setting up the TV etc., a well deserved bottle or 3 of the red stuff was consumed. (mostly by me)

                                                                                                     Happy Days

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