Friday, 4 September 2015

Chilling in Ellesmere


IMG_4399Ellesmere on the Llangollen canal is a good place to spend a couple of days and is one of the only places on the Llangollen that offer 72 hour moorings.

IMG_4400As well as a Tesco next to the canal there is also a pleasant small town which is well worth a visit. The local Delicatessen called Vermeulen’s is very well known and makes delicious pies and cream cakes. Yum Yum

IMG_4408After having a browse through the town we went to the castle mound. You would think that this stone was made of gold with it being chained down as it is.

IMG_4413The town is located by the side of 'the Mere', one of the largest natural Meres in England outside the Lake District and one of nine glacial meres in the area. These meres are different from those in the Lake District in that they do not have a flow of water into them to maintain the level.

IMG_4415It was good to meet fellow bloggers Dave and Debbie on Nb Chuffed. They were filling with water and no doubt Debbie has a picture of me with my camera taking a picture of her with her camera. We should see them again in Llangollen as we are both heading the same way.

IMG_4426After pulling pins from Ellesmere at 08.50 we passed this sign on the side of a boat. With more speeding boats than we have ever seen before you can understand why some boaters get annoyed.

IMG_4436Parking tickets required if you moor here at Frankton Junction.

IMG_4438You know the old saying….. You always get one in the family.

IMG_4440After a good cruise and going up the two New Marton Locks we picked up this mooring at St Martins Moor…

                                                                                        Happy Days

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