Monday, 31 August 2015

Secret bunker


IMG_4275Here we go again and its polish and wax time. I did the port side about a month ago with MER polish and then a coat of MER wax. I must say that after spending nearly £30 I am very disappointed with the results. It has only been a few weeks and already the shine is going and the Oxidation in the paintwork is returning. So for the starboard side I am using an all in one polish and wax which I have used before.

IMG_4283We pulled pins at 07.50 and set off towards Nantwich and soon passed this sign.Well its NOT secret anymore !!!!!!!!!!!  (The Hack Green Cold War & Radar Museum) .

IMG_4234What are you looking at !!

IMG_4296Moored at Nantwich and this boat pulled up behind us . Its the first Narrowboat we ever hired and started dream about retiring and living on a boat .

IMG_4298After a day at Nantwich and Carolyn having a good bit of retail therapy we had another early start at 07.15 and got straight onto the services . The plan now is to head towards Chester and spend a couple of days there ,but you never know what may happen on the way .

IMG_4312Not long now and they will soon be flying off to the sun for the Winter, sounds like a good idea .

IMG_4301“Oh look” said Carolyn . Its Hurleston locks which lead you up onto The Llangollen canal, which just happens to be one of our favourite canals.

IMG_4306The good thing about being retired and not having any commitments is that you can change your mind . So after lifting the fenders so that we didn't get stuck in the narrow bottom lock we head up and onto The Llangollen Canal.

IMG_4316Approaching Wrenbury and we come to our first lift bridge of many on the Llangollen. With Carolyn's ankle now a lot better she is wielding her windlass again

IMG_4321This is the lift bridge where the road crosses the canal in Wrenbury and this one is electric with flashing lights to stop the traffic.

IMG_4327Opposite our mooring for the night after a 6 hour cruise and its harvest time for a good looking crop of Potatoes. We will have a night here and then in the morning have another early start and get up Grindley Brook Locks which can be a bit of a bottleneck where sometimes you have to queue for several hours as there are 3 locks before you get to a staircase of another 3 locks..

                                                                                                   Happy Days

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