Sunday, 27 September 2015



IMG_5218There is something missing from this picture . It is in fact the Radio masts at Hillmorton .The masts had been there since 1926 when they were used to transmit telegraph messages all around the Commonwealth .   With 6500 houses being built on the site it will certainly look a lot different around here.

IMG_5260The biggest change according to one of the Lockies on duty will be that the houses are being built right next and down to the top lock . So far it looks as though South of bridge 72 there will be no building on the couple of fields there due to the ground conditions.

IMG_5263Looking from the bridge to the top lock where the houses will be built and no doubt as soon as the houses are built then the home owners will start moaning about the boats moored opposite and they will end up taking away the moorings .One good thing I have now found out is that the building of the 6500 houses is going to be phased in over a 20 year period and not in a few years as many people seem to think. So hopefully the area around the locks will remain the same for a good few years yet.


                                                                                                          Happy Days

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