Sunday, 6 September 2015

Stream in the sky


IMG_4489Well here we go again. Do I love this or what !!. Known as The Stream In The Sky it has to be the greatest buzz you can get on any canal in the World.

IMG_4514With railings on one side.

IMG_4506And a shear drop on the other how great is this , We are on the Pontcysylite Aqueduct !!

IMG_4511A selfie due to Carolyn ,like many others not liking the height and being under the bed down below.

IMG_4516In 1805, architects Thomas Telford and William Jessop the built Pontcysylite Aqueduct on 19 pillars over 100 feet (30 metres) above the River Dee, on the Welsh-English border. More than 200 years later, this vast landmark has now been named as a World Heritage Site.

IMG_4526Travelling over the River Dee.

IMG_4555Looking back over the Aqueduct and what a brilliant trip that was.

IMG_4561We picked up this mooring about a mile the other side of Trevor . We will have a night here and then head into the basin at Llangollen in the morning ..

                                                                                            Happy Days


  1. loved the blog, felt like I was on that boat. Good selfie Gary xxx

  2. Great shots those Gary full of the wonder of the place captures it well.

    1. Hi Ade , such a buzz it has to be the highlight of any canal journey !,