Sunday, 20 September 2015

Heading South

IMG_5004Pulling pins from Fazeley junction at 07.15 we soon get to Glascote locks. Lock 13 on the Coventry canal has to be one of the slowest locks on the system.

IMG_5003In fact it even has a poem written about it.

IMG_5013Passing under the motorway after leaving Tamworth and Carolyn thinks that this could be a Banksy.

IMG_5027A bit of a project boat.

IMG_5031Arriving at the bottom of Atherstone locks and there are 2 boats in front of us. We are told that the flight is very busy and we should expect to take at least 4 hours to complete the flight of 11 locks.

IMG_5033After 3 and a half hours we reached the top and did think about stopping for the night on the visitor moorings. But as you exit the top lock it doesn't look that inviting.

IMG_5035Reaching the visitor moorings and after having a look around the decision is made not to stop and carry on to a mooring we enjoyed last time we were in this area.

IMG_5039This is a mooring that we have used and enjoyed before and after 9 hours of non stop cruising it was good to eventually moor up. Last time we were here there was a band practising in the barns of this farm . This time they were there again, the drummers were out in the field making one almighty noise and the rest of the band were in the barns. We sat on the roof of Inca with a couple glasses of the red stuff and had a very entertaining evening after a long and very enjoyable cruise….Just the ticket.

                                                                                 Happy Days


  1. you both must have been tired after that trip. Nice to see you are traveling South . Looking forward to seeing Carolyn. x

  2. It's a shame you have moved so fast today, Gary - we are behind you (near Polesworth), and at our pace and yours, unlikely to catch you up for a catch up! Cheers anyway, Marilyn

    1. That's a shame , it would be great to meet up ...