Monday, 16 May 2016



IMG_4289We had a good stroll through Cassiobury park and walked into Watford Town centre with Gary and Della (nb Muleless) and Rich and Sharon (nb Oakapple). I never realised the park was so big.

IMG_4297Here we saw our first Parrakets which seem to be everywhere as we get closer to London.There is some debate as to how non-native parrots came to settle and reproduce in significant enough numbers to form entire colonies within the city, and the total number of wild rose-ringed parakeets living in London is now estimated to be well over 6,000 individual birds.

IMG_4291It was then into Watford and it brought back memories for Rich who grew up years ago (lots and lots of years) in this area . Needless to say after a quick walk around what should we find but a Wetherspoons pub. As you probably well know we find it difficult to walk past a Spoons without going in and it was no different here.

IMG_4294After a most enjoyable afternoon with good company it was back through the park where we saw this magnificent Oak tree ( Can you find a better one Ann nb Oakfield .

IMG_4305The following morning we pulled pins at 07.45 and dropped down one lock and then we should have got onto the water point at the lock above Croxley. But as you can see some selfish person in a brand new wide beam boat decided to moor on the water point.The rules are simple… Don’t moor on a bloody water point ! .  Luckily we have over 100 feet of hose so with us mooring on the lock landing we managed to fill up. I probably should have moored alongside him and made as much noise as possible.

IMG_4311Good deed of the day as I rescued this little chap who was stranded on the cill as we dropped down one of the locks.

IMG_4338As soon as we arrived in Rickmansworth Carolyn was straight up to the Train station and off down to Devon leaving myself and Hamish on Inca. We are moored next to the Aquadrone so there will plenty of good walks. It should be a peaceful lonely few days while Carolyn is away ,but I’m sure that somehow I will survive.

                                                                                                                   Happy Days

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