Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Fat Bottomed Girl


IMG_4368With her Ladyship back from Deepest Darkest Devon we decided to have another day in Rickmansworth as it was Carnival day.

IMG_4360With the procession starting at 13.30 the Town Crier lead the carnival through the town.

IMG_4363There was this fine pair of Horses that were all dressed up for the occasion.

IMG_4365We even had a display of Kung Fu or what ever you call it . It wasn't a large carnival with floats ,but more of a kids parade which they all seemed to enjoy. It was a bit bizarre that when it all ended we found ourselves stood opposite a Wetherspoons Pub.So guess what we did next ? .

IMG_4366After a pleasant afternoon in the town we retired to Inca and watched this boat go past. I must agree it is one of the fattest bottoms I have ever seen on the canal.

Tomorrow we will move on as we now want to get a bit closer to London. We have tried to book in yet again at Rembrandt Gardens on one of the two moorings there,but have been told that it is fully booked until the end of June. I also enquired if there was any chance of a cancellation place for the moorings at Rembrandt . Canal and River Trust did reply and said that they had now put us on the cancellation waiting list. I cant see there being a lot of hope though ,so we will just have to take a chance that we can get into Paddington Basin when we eventually get down to London.

                                                                                            Happy Days

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