Tuesday, 10 May 2016

No mooring


IMG_4197We pulled pins from Berkhamsted at 13.45 which is a bit late for us . At the town lock there were a few young kids watching us go down the lock. Carolyn always gets them involved where ever we are and soon has them pushing the lock gates open. They all seem to really enjoy it and always ask questions as they are helping. Narrowboaters of the future maybe ?.

IMG_4210We Adanuff and retired to a life on Inca….

IMG_4215Just below Berkhamsted and we see this in so many places. People buy a property on the canal and then don’t want boats moored outside of their house. Canals = Boats . Do some research if you ever intend to buy a waterside property.

IMG_4217After a night on a great mooring at Winkwell we pulled pins and headed through Winkwell swing bridge and then down past the marina. Although the TV reception was poor sometimes it’s good to just have a decent mooring. Luckily we had good Internet.

IMG_4230Dropping down one of todays locks and this guy turned up. No doubt looking for his lunch.

IMG_4221Lets just hope that these little Ducklings are not his lunch.

IMG_4224We must be getting close to London as we are starting to see a good variety of different craft.

IMG_4231One for my old man who is called Ken as he leaves my Mum on a Saturday afternoon to go and watch his team play football ..

IMG_4235We have had these two boats following us for some time now and of course its friends Nb Muleless and Nb Oakapple Its good to see the Ladies doing the easy pink job of working the locks while the Men do the blue and important job of steering the boat. (now awaiting incoming)

IMG_4236We have passed this so many times and every time I just have to take a picture and put it on here.

IMG_4252After a few hours cruising we moored on this little bit of river section below Nash Mills. We met up again with Rich and Sharon and Gary and Della and it looks like it could now be towpath BBQ time…. Just the ticket

                                                                                              Happy Days

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