Thursday, 31 October 2013

Back at Grafton

We pulled pins at 11.00 on Wednesday morning and headed for the water point below the lock at Cosgrove, but there was a hire boat on the point so we headed for the one above the lock.

 There is enough room for two boats on the water point but when a fisherman decides to set up on the point there is just not enough room. Carolyn did say to him that he was on a water point. "I know that but I like it here I took a chance and I am not moving" he said. When the other boat moved off we had to reverse back onto the point. As we passed him i gave it full throttle and used the bow thruster like I have never used it before. What a mess it made of the water. I think he got the message.

 We then moved about 60 feet and moored up. Within 30 minutes the boat above (A hire boat) hit our bow and then went straight into the bank and hit that. I grabbed the camera and took a photo of him which he was not very happy about . He then moored up and came back in a right temper. A few heated words were had but in the end he understood why we had taken a photo.

                                                                                        We then met this guy, but he didn't say a lot.

We booked a Tesco delivery for 09.00 to 10.00 on Thursday morning, And after several phone calls the delivery eventually arrived at 11.35 and we were not happy. We are so busy and have such a full diary that we cant waste time like that.(Well, we told Tesco that) We have now contacted Tesco and put in a complaint....Watch this space.

                                                                                   What a great boat name.

                                                    With winter coming its time to cut up some of our Boaters gold.

 We are now moored at our favourite spot at Grafton Regis. Tonight is Halloween and we are over half a mile from the nearest house. The plan is that none of those annoying little trick or treaters will be able to find us.
 They give rain tomorrow so we will stay here and chill out for a day or two.

                         Happy Days


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

After the storm

On Sunday afternoon we took Molly and Hamish for a good long walk before the storm was due to hit us. The wind was starting to get very gusty but it was good to get out and blow away the cobwebs.

                                                                                     Carolyn getting blown away.

                                                       A caravan in Cosgrove park with its awning ripped off in the wind.

 A hire boat going over Cosgrove aqueduct . There is a person stood on the roof and on the other side there is a shear drop into the river. At this time there were some very strong gusts of wind. I don't think I would have done that.

The mooring we have at Cosgrove is very sheltered with trees and bushes on both sides of the canal. We did get the boat rocking about overnight on Sunday (by the wind and nothing else) . It woke us up a couple of times but luckily no damage was done to Inca.

 On Monday you would never have known there had been a storm. We had a mixture of sunshine and showers. There were no trees down and there seemed to be no damage done in the village. Molly and Hamish certainly enjoyed soaking up the sunshine.

The weather was ideal for drying the washing and putting a few amps into batteries from the solar panels although we did have to run the engine for an hour in the evening.
Today which is Tuesday we are enjoying a full day of sunshine which is brilliant as the batteries are nearly up to 100%............ Free electric , I love it.
We are now starting to get itchy feet and feel the need to move on. We are getting down on water and have about 30 gallons left showing on the gauge. So tomorrow (Wednesday) morning we will pull pins fill with water get rid of waste and see how far we get. But knowing us that might not be very far.
Happy Days

Sunday, 27 October 2013


With Inca now starting to rock and roll in the wind we thought we should get prepared for the storm.

 With the solar panels roped down and everything else removed from the roof that could be blown off we should be ok....(Fingers crossed).

                                                         Then this family swam by............   A bit too late in the year .

                                                       The canal is full of leaves, but there are still plenty more to fall.

                                                               A day hire boat leaving Cosgrove in very windy conditions.

The time now is 13.20 on Sunday and the sun has just come out again after a shower of rain. The sky is now clear and we have 13 amps going into the batteries from the solar panels. Time now to take the dogs for a good walk before the storm hits us.

           Happy Days

Friday, 25 October 2013

Staying still in Cosgrove

On Wednesday morning after getting our Tesco delivery yesterday we pulled pins at 08.50 and the first job of the day was to get rid of waste and fill with water.

                                                                            The water point at Cosgrove.

 Our new mooring which is about 300 meters from our last mooring which was a 2 day mooring. But these are 14 day moorings .

 After mooring it was time for walkies. First it was up to the Cosgrove aqueduct and this likely story.

 Then around the village and to the village church where Carolyn is still searching for my final resting place.
 And then back to Inca and a spot of fishing. It was the only one I caught but I didn't mind.

We met a couple going through Cosgrove lock on their boat and they mentioned that it was only a mile or so into Stony Stratford and there were several shops there. That was music to Carolyn's ears . So on Thursday it was back packs on and off we went . We took a wrong turn on the way so it was nearer to 2 miles than 1 but we had a good walk and the weather was very good.
 But the best thing was on the walk back.... The footpath took you through several fields . And half way through this one Carolyn spotted a herd of cows with a bull in the corner of the field. I have never seen her move so fast. Mind you I was hot on her heels. We were running so fast we forgot to take a photo of the bull.

                           After all that running it was good to just sit down and soak up that Autumnal sun.
 On Friday we decided to take a cruise up to Wolverton and wind (turn) Inca. . There are very high winds forecast so we thought we would get ourselves sorted before it hits us. This is as far south as we will go and now we will take a very slow cruise over the next 2 weeks towards Crick where we are booked into the marina for a week in November .We pulled pins at 09.30 and this is us going over the Aqueduct at Cosgrove.

We passed this spill-way on route. This is how flood water is controlled on the canals . Excess water goes over the weir and then away into a water course and thus maintain safe water levels. (see what I mean David ?).
 We winded at New Bradwell and on the way back there just happened to be a Tesco and Asda near to the canal. So guess what ??. That's right we had to stop. Even though we have just had a delivery. I stayed on Inca while her ladyship had her retail therapy.  I don't think I will ever understand the draw of the shops.
                                        We passed this boat on the way back.....    Now sing the song like we did .

We are now back at Cosgrove and will stay here for the weekend and probably the early part of next week. As I write this the winds are now starting to increase but we are snug as a bug in a rug and we now have enough food to last for several weeks after all that shopping, so we won't starve.

                              Happy Days

Monday, 21 October 2013

The Grafton Regis Whale

We have had a great few days at Grafton Regis. There are some very good walks in the area and the locals are really friendly.

Sunset over Grafton Regis

                                           Friday morning was spent polishing the port side of Inca.(Looking good)

 Then on Friday afternoon we had a walk up to the village. There is only one pub and no shops, but there is the church where Elizabeth Woodville married King Edward IV in 1464.

                                                         Then Carolyn spotted this Whale.....I wonder how it got here? .

                                          Then Back at Inca and this boat went by....Carolyn loved it, but I hated it.

                                                                          A sheep with 2 heads !!!.

                                    Our mooring at Cosgrove.
On Monday morning we pulled pins at 08.40 and as we did it decided to pour with rain.We didn't want to move but we were running out of basic supplies and a cup of tea just doesn't taste the same with powdered milk. It was only 2 or 3 miles to Cosgrove so we carried on in the rain. It rained most of the way and I got a bit wet , but it was still a very enjoyable cruise. We are moored near to the Main street in Cosgrove as we have done another Tesco delivery shop. It should be with us between 09.00 and 10.00 on Tuesday morning.(Fingers crossed)
We are now on 48 hour moorings so we will move again on Wednesday.

                              Happy Days

Thursday, 17 October 2013


We pulled pins at o9.oo on Tuesday morning with the intention of getting to Stoke Bruerne for a few days.

                                                        We passed this boat on the way.....That's us .

                      We stopped in blisworth to stock up with a few bit and pieces from the local shop.

  Coming out of the 3076 yards of the Blisworth took about 35 minutes to go through and we only met one boat coming in the opposite direction.

                                                                     Handy if you need a Blacksmith.

                                               Stoke Bruerne locks.  Yes Carolyn......I am keeping away from that cill .


                                                                                  The view from above.

 We moored on the lock moorings where all these signs have gone up . We even had a leaflet left on the boat from the mooring ranger . It said clear off within in 2 days or pay £25 and if you don't pay up within 28 days we will take you to court.

 But look...We are the only boat on the moorings !!!. There is room for nearly 20 boats . I fully understand it in the summer when it can get very busy but its October and hardly any boats are moving about. We would have stayed longer and also by staying we would be putting money into the local community as we use the shops and pubs etc , but if they don't want us we will go elsewhere.

                                                                        Liquid gold ...    Well, Carolyn's Crab apple jelly.

                                  It was so tasty we had to pick a load more crab apples to make another batch.

On Thursday morning we pulled pins at 09.15 as our two days were up and went down through the locks at Stoke Bruerne .We filled with water and got rid of waste at the bottom lock. We then cruised the short distance to Grafton Regis and one of our favourite mooring spots.

                Our rural mooring at Grafton Regis with good tv reception and an internet speed of 8 mb/s.

                                                                                        Towpath workout.

With limited room on Inca Carolyn sets up her DVD player on the roof and then does her workout on the towpath. She does get a few funny looks, but who cares.

 Then it's Caserole on the stove, potatoes in the stove and one happy Hamish fast asleep in front of the stove.

The engine which is a Beta 43 hp has now done 750 hours so it is now time for its service. The oil and filter have to be changed every 250 hours. It's tight down in the engine ole but with me being so small and nimble it is not a problem.(well, not so small and maybe not so nimble) .
The weather is very good with plenty of sun this afternoon and that is great for the solar panels to charge the batteries . We are in no hurry to move so we will stay here until we get the urge to move on.

                Happy Days