Saturday, 19 December 2015

Through Stoke Bruerne

With it being overcast we pulled pins from Cosgrove at 08.55 and soon arrived at the lock.

 The wicker man below the lock at Cosgrove.
These new houses have just been built in front of The Barley Mow pub. I think they blend in very well and look very good.
 A good price for diesel at Baxters.

                                                                    Gotcha Sharon !!
At Grafton Regis we were lucky to bump into friends Lew and Sharon on Nb Diana. Sharon just loves having her photo taken (not). So that she doesn't hit me the next time I see her its just a small picture . Its been sometime since we last saw each other so it was good to catch up with all the latest news. Hopefully we will meet again somewhere on our Summer cruise next year.

 I like what someone has added to this sign at Grafton Regis .I know a lot of boaters are confused as to what you are and are not allowed to do. Its simple if there are spare spaces you can stay on them as long as a permit holder isn't on it and if one turns up you have to move. But with the poor take up this year there is more than enough room for everyone.
Not long after reaching the top lock at Stoke Bruerne its into Blissworth tunnel which should take us about 35 minutes to pass through.

Going through the tunnel and this is one of the many air shafts. Every time we pass under one we get absolutely soaked as the water runs down the shaft into the tunnel. Its always a good laugh passing under them.

Just for the good people of Totnes.....Your twin I believe .

After a good 5 hour cruise we moored just past Gayton junction. With only one other boat anywhere near us it should be a peaceful night, apart from the high speed trains that are about 100 yards away.

                                                                                 Happy Days

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