Thursday, 10 December 2015

Dopey Swan


IMG_1051At 09.10 we pulled pins after a couple of enjoyable days at Berkhamstead, it was a good cruise  up to Tring summit with all the locks in our favour. At Cowroast lock you are asked to leave the lock empty ,so after Inca left the lock Carolyn lifted a paddle on the bottom gates to allow the lock to drain, just as she was getting back on-board a Dopey Swan decided to jump from the bank and into the lock. We could have left it trapped in there, but being good boaters like we are the lock was refilled and we then had to persuade the Swan to come out of the lock which was easier said than done.

IMG_1053It was good to see this old working boat near Bulbourne, especially as we had passed the site of the old Ovaltine factory some days ago at Kings Langley.

IMG_1062The Iron works at Bulbourne and they do some brilliant pieces of steel art there.

IMG_1063What about this for a centre piece in any garden. I absolutely love it and the way its rusting just adds to its charm.  

IMG_1066Turning into the Wendover arm and its always slow progress up this shallow and narrow canal. Its made even worse if the pumping station is adding water up at Little Tring which it was today.

IMG_1069With the water level being well up we didn't have any trouble getting around the corner next to the Heyfields flour factory like we have had on previous visits when we have gone aground in the middle of the canal.

IMG_1095After a most enjoyable cruise and with very mild seasonal weather we were lucky enough to pick up this mooring at the end of the navigable arm. We will have a couple of days here in the Chiltern Hills and make the most of the peace and quiet and some of the good walks in the area.

                                                                                                           Happy Days

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