Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Pixie seats


IMG_1022After the shock of seeing how much a loaf of bread was in the local market we walked Hamish in the park where Carolyn used all of the fitness equipment in the canal fields park. Needless to say I didn't bother.

IMG_1026When we passed through here a few weeks ago on our way to London they were just starting to cut down the trees that were near the railway line.  This is how they left the stumps. You just cant beat a Pixie seat ,mind you there must some very large Pixies around here. Very good we do like it.

IMG_1019Being close to a Wetherspoons it would be rude not to go in and have a pint and something to eat. On the wall was this picture of the canal where it passes through Berkhamstead and passes the station it was taken in 1910. It hasn't changed very much and still looks similar today.

IMG_1021Its the one by itself on the next to back row that Carolyn wants for Christmas. Its only £12,500 . Dream on sweetheart we are just window shopping.

IMG_1038We watched this guy from our side hatch and he was certainly very agile as he climbed through the tree and slowly removed all the side branches before then taking the trunk down in sections. We were most impressed with the guys as they even removed any branches that fell in the canal.

IMG_1030I took this picture right opposite our mooring in busy Berkhamstead . I wonder how many locals realise that they have resident Kingfishers in their town.

Tomorrow and we are off on our travels again when we will climb up to Cowroast and then on to Tring summit. We did talk about going up the Wendover arm for a couple of days which is one of our favourite places. Sounds like a plan to me.

                                                                                                      Happy Days

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