Monday, 21 December 2015


After pulling pins from Gayton at 09.00 and with no locks we made good progress in slightly windy conditions. Every time we pass this boat we look in the window to see ifthe wallpaper is still on the walls. The boat was the one which Guy Martin did a TV show about several years ago and yes the wallpaper is still there.

Spot the phone mast. Whats the point of putting it in a false tree then having that bloody great lump sticking out of the top.

I thought this was rather good and did suggest to Carolyn that we could have something similar on Inca. She didn't need to answer as the look on her face said everything. 

We were lucky to bump into Ryan who was using Jules coalboat Towcester .If we can we will always use and support fuel/coalboats as they will always try and get to you no matter what the weather. We filled the roof with coal, so with all the wood as well we should be OK for a month or two.

As it was Christmas Carolyn heated up a couple of mince pies and filled them with cream for Ryan as he passed us later. Sometime ago Carolyn did scones jam and cream for Richard and Jules , so this time it was Ryan's turn to have a bite to eat .
We will have a night at Weedon bec and get a Chinese takeaway tonight before making an early start in the morning and then go up the Buckby flight which has just opened after being shut for 7 weeks. Hopefully we can then drop down into Braunston and pick up a mooring for a day or two.

                                                                                                                 Happy Days

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