Thursday, 3 December 2015

Lazy Gits


IMG_0974After a wet night at Kings Langley we pulled pins at 08.50 and soon got to the new build by Linden homes at Nash mills Wharf. With prices starting at £295,000 for a two bedroom flat I don't think we will bother.

IMG_0977Now this is something that really pisses us off annoys us . Both the locks at Nash Mills had been left with the top gates open and all paddles up .The rules are simple, Close all gates and drop all paddles unless otherwise instructed. There is no need at all for this, they are just lazy no good gits and obviously not true boaters.

IMG_0990With rain starting again and not wishing to get wet we picked up this mooring just below Boxmoor lock at Hemel Hempstead. With the mooring being close to the town Carolyn soon had her backpack on and was off to explore the shops. The report that came back was that its a good town for shopping with a very good diversity of shops.

IMG_0986Its 3 weeks since we last filled with Diesel from Phil and Mary on their fuel boat Hyperion, so as they were passing we thought we would top up with diesel and get 6 bags of coal, as always we try and support the coal boats as much as we can and if possible use them instead of marina’s. In the 3 weeks since we filled up we have covered 62 miles into London and back plus run the engine to charge the batteries when not travelling. The engine has run for 76 hours and we have used 75 litres of diesel which works out at about a litre an hour (Beta 43 engine). The diesel from Hyperion is 67 pence a litre so not a bad price.

We will have another day here before continuing on our cruise North along The Grand Union Canal.

                                                                                                                 Happy Days


  1. It seems to be fairly normal in the London and SE area to leave gates and paddles open. When we were there last winter we also found it really annoying and we were glad to be heading north, back to the land where gates and paddles get closed.

    NB Lillyanne

    1. Hi Mick, Totally agree with you and the people seem a lot more friendly the further you go North .Maybe it's the faster pace of life down South ...

  2. Yes, the open gates never seem to be in your favour either. We got politely told off for closing up - apparently leaving the gates open (but not the paddles) is the norm for the Lee and Stort too. Presumably none of the gates leak and there are no problems with water supply ......

    1. Hi Debby . Like you say it's never in your favour as was the case with us ... Mostly just sheer laziness ..Hope you and Dave are keeping well